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Oct 20, 2001
...on cable's TRIO network in June. For those of you who are not regular viewers of the network otherwise famous for its "Laugh-In" reruns and rare concert programs, TRIO usually sets its monthly schedule on themes. The theme for June is "black entertainment".

TRIO will air the rarely seen RKO Radio feature from 1930 that introduced Amos And Andy to the big screen, "Check And Double Check", featuring (in blackface, of course) the original creators of "Amos And Andy". TRIO will also air the television special "Amos And Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy", featuring an edited version of an episode of the classic CBS series "Amos And Andy". I saw this program many years ago when it was first seen in syndication, and looking at the franchise today the special is a reminder of television history that unfortunately has been allowed to be forgotten.

"Amos And Andy" is one of the greatest television shows of all time, and it finally portrayed African Americans with some sort of dignity. Sadly, many social groups have succeeded in keeping our heroes off the air (save for public domain copies of the series available on VHS in some form). Why "Amos And Andy" isn't seen more often is beyond me.

In the case of "Check And Double Check", I suppose Warner/Turner (which now owns the television rights to "Check And Double Check") should get the benefit of the doubt, seeing that their cable TV network, TCM, could show it anytime, even if it is at odd hours of the night (and TCM has, too...AMC did show it also for a time before they went commercial-interrupted).

The TRIO TV web site should give you a schedule of when "Check And Double Check" and "Amos And Andy: Anatomy Of A Controversy" will air, but when they do, have your VCRs and/or DVR's ready to savor a rare piece of entertainment history! You might not get another chance this decade, if not ever---until Hallmark/CBS relents and puts our heroes back in circulation.


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Apr 5, 2002
I remember watching these guys when I was a kid and we loved them. I'm hoping more generations will view this & be able to see what real comedy is supposed to be without all the trash that's being passed off for comedy today.

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