"American Gothic" - the next Another Universe nightmare?

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  1. JulianK

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    Oct 3, 2000
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    Oh, Lord, no!!!
    According to this website
    Another Universe is trying to negotiate the DVD rights to Sam Raimi's terrific TV series American Gothic, presumably because, having royally screwed the My So-Called Life fans, they need to find another bunch of unwitting saps.
    I could do with a little reassurance, here, people! As much as I sorely want to see American Gothic on DVD, I pray that it's not handed to those clowns at Another Universe.
    If anyone here has Universal's ear, could they please bend it to avert another Another Universe fiasco?!
  2. LarryH

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    Sep 5, 2000
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    I didn't get involved in the My So-Called Life affair, but Another Universe is the only on-line dealer I have ever tried to order from that charged my credit card for merchandise they did not have in stock and could not assure that they would ever have in stock. I was never notified of this situation and after several months without any receipt of the item, I called them and was told that I would have to request cancellation of the order and credit back on my card. I did so, but that took another couple of months (and another phone call).

    Before their absence and reappearance on the web I had had many good transactions with them, but I am now very wary of doing any business with AU.

    I really, REALLY hope this outfit does not get rights to American Gothic.
  3. Jeff Ulmer

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    Aug 23, 1998
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    I think AU will be out of business long before they can screw up anything else. MSCL has all the credit card companies after them for thousands in overcharges and uncredited refunds, their phone lines have been cut, their email addresses closed.

    Hopefully no one paid them for the $400 Twilight Zone sets they were flogging.

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