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Amazon Italy with Up to 50% off many Universal/Paramount Blurays incl Star Trek TOS/TNG (1 Viewer)

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Amazon Italy is having a big sale on mostly Universal titles 30%-50% off -- a lot of Star Treks for cheap if you don't mind the Italian covers. Sale runs through August 2, 2015. The majority of Universal Bluray are region free.
Google Chrome with the translation is probably the easiest way to read the page if you're are Italian impaired.

Buy 3 DVD/Bluray from the list get 30% off - enter promo code at checkout screen (or on the payment confirm screen) 3X30DNTUNI
Buy 5 or more DVD/Blu-ray get 50% off -- enter promo code at checkout 5X50DSCUNI

Make sure the items are from Amazon and not a 3rd Party.
Shipping is quite low if you order enough to get the code applied -- I think is 10.4 EUR for the first item and 1EUR for each added (Priority shipping adds only $2+ to the whole order)

Amazon Italy Univeral Sale

Some deals after VAT removal with 50% -- pre shipping.

STTOS S2 $9.09
STTOS S3 $15.90
ST:TNG S1-2-4-6 $7.58ea
ST:TNG S3 $6.36
ST:TNG. S5 $6.69
ST:TNG S7 $17.81

BAck to the Future Trilogy $10.20
Indiana Jones Quad $11.38
Christine $4.01 (Region Free Sony)
Elephant man $5.35 (region A/B)

The Tudors Complete $24.89 (the Amazon UK set is around the same price after shipping), but if you need to make an order

Man Who Fell From Earth -- $5.35 this is probably Region B locked, but the US Criterion is long out of print.

There are quite a few other Bluray available, but these looked interesting to me.

Some trial orders:
STTNG S1-6 $59.40 USD shipped (using Exchange Free CC and checking out in EURO -- add about $2.40 to use Amazon Converter into USD or $1.80 if your CC charges 3%)

STTNG S1-7 -- $77.22 shipped

STTOS 1-3 -- $60 shipped at 30%
STTos 1-3, Christine, Elephant Man -- $58shipped with 50% off

BTTF/IndianaJones/Christine/Elephant Man/man Who Fell to Earth -- $50 shipped.
If you just want the first 2 boxsets and Christine, you might well add some cheap fillers since after the 30%/50% it's going to be the same price shipped and the more items, the less the average shipping.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 2, 2004
Kentucky, USA
I used the promo code (acquired on a different forum, though) to order the blu-ray sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation seasons 2-6 (I already had S1). After the coupon code, it worked out to EUR46.95, or approx. US$51.02, including shipping and everything, so about US$10.20 per season. Makes my second-hand copy of S1 bought at $20 seem like daylight robbery!

David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
You may have gotten in just under the wire. It appears that all teh TNG and TOS S1/2 aren't on the sales list now.

They appear to be in stock on the main site, but the promo code applies. Hopefully that's a temp issue, but glad you were able to expand

your collection -- 5 season for about the cost of a single US set for essentially the same discs.

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