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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Ronald Epstein
    Okay...found this topic after a long afternoon of browsing
    the Internet for several music locker options....

    I have about 160GB of music, translated into just over
    7,000 songs. I get a little tired of having to keep my music
    synched across my iMac and Macbook Pro. I also would
    rather not have to dedicate 160GB of space on my 500GB
    SSD drive.

    So, recently I bought an external Western Digital "My
    Passport" drive and moved my iTunes folder into it. I can
    now simply plug it into my Macbook Pro whenever I want
    to listen to music on it.

    ....but then I got thinking....

    What if I just used a cloud service to store all my music
    and then be able to access and stream it whenever I want?

    First I looked at "make your own cloud" devices like Pogo
    and TonidoPlug that turns your external hard drive into an
    iCloud storage device. However, both devices seem to
    have their limitations.

    Then I saw AMAZON CLOUD PLAYER. For $25 a year
    I can keep my entire music collection uploaded and
    accessible from any WiFi or cellular connection (though
    I doubt I'll use expensive cellular service data to stream).

    What's kind of cool right now is that it seems some of you
    here may be using this service already. So, I have a few

    1. Music Match worries me greatly. I don't like the idea
    of a service taking my CD rips and downgrading it to 256kbps.
    I can tolerate it just as long as it doesn't touch what is on
    my hard drive and only what gets stored in Amazon's service.

    In other words, I still plan to keep my music library on my
    iMac. Those will have my original CD-ripped versions. Can
    I be certain that Amazon's Music Match will only downconvert
    music uploaded to their service and not what remains on my
    hard drive?

    2. I take great pride in obtaining hard-to-find extended versions
    of songs (many from the 70s). So, if I have a 7 minute album
    version of Come and Get Your Love by Redbone, will Amazon
    replace it with the widely known 4 minute version? I am hoping
    that the service will recognize that there is a difference in length
    in my version from theirs and will leave it alone.

    3. Does Amazon Cloud Player retain the Playlist structure from
    your iTunes library? Is it as simple to find songs via search as
    it is on iTunes?

    4. I see that Amazon Cloud Player works very well on the iPad.
    Can the same be said for the iPhone?

    I suppose those are my questions for now.

    Thank you in advance to anyone that wishes to answer them.
  2. Sam Posten

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    Sam Posten
    Not certain
    Afaik, no
    But overall I think you are over thinking this.
    If you are just trying to get around apple's 25k limit and encoding standards just wait till September, would shock me if they don't move to parity with amazon's and it will work much better with iTunes.
  3. DaveF

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    I don't know anything about Amazon player...I don't think I've looked at it since this thread, over a year ago.

    But it reminds that I wish Apple had a multi-user, home-network solution for music and photos. It's asinine that I need a copy of the iTunes library and iPhoto library on every Mac in the house. Ratings and meta-data made in one place can't be easily copied to another.

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