Amadeus soundtrack rumble: Which one is best? Which one do I buy?!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Justin_P, Apr 12, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I've heard great stuff on the forum about the new-ish Fantasy SACD that came out last spring, but at $40 I've been holding off. Anyway, last week, I came across the big box, The Complete Original Soundtrack Recording, which I believe comes with a book. There is also the Director's Cut 24kt gold disc version, which I've heard some good stuff about, and since it's shiny, is also kind of appealing. (Sometimes I think I'm part otter or something)

    All three versions cost about the same, so I didn't get to resolve this conflict with the usual price difference thing.

    I was just wondering, how do these all stack up? Do the improved sonics on the SACD make up for the 10 tracks that the other two versions have that this does not? Is the book in the ultimate mega super box of doom cool enough to warrant the purchase of that version? Does the gold CD version even sound good?

    I'm sure there are owners of all of these versions that peruse the music section here at HTF, some probably owning multiple versions of this soundtrack. I figure, why not ask and see what kind of emotional response this elicits from the quality obsessed completists that are the population of this forum.

    Let the games begin.

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    I friend of mine has a redbook -- I think 3 disc -- release of the sound track. From memory, the sonics on that were fair and the performances were so-so. You'd probably be better of buying full versions of the music you like the most in the sound track.

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