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Am I Wrong To Be Worried About The Rollout Of Paradigm Studio v3's? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 30, 2001
Right now, I've got my heart set on buying a pair of Paradigm Studio 40's as soon as I get the money together (within 2-3 weeks). I've recently been reading posts on the forum related to the speculative fall introduction of the Studio v3 line, and with some concern. While the new line is supposed to be a more audiophile grade speaker, it's also rumored to be set at a price point 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of its predecessor. I'm a starving college student and summer is the only time I ever get the chance to earn money. I planned on purchasing the 40's and an SVS with the lion's share of my earnings, and purchasing my center and surround channels later. That said, I'm wondering if the introduction of the new studio series would prevent me from acquiring the v2 Studio/CC and Studio/ADP's at a later date. I was wondering if anyone on the forum had any insights on this, or shared any of the same concerns.



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Dec 4, 2001
i say wait it out and audition both speakers. The 1.5 price increase hasn't been officially verified and the current studio line (v2) more than holds its own. If ever the price increase is true, i'm sure you'll be able to get better deals on the studio v2 line since dealers will be phasing them out. I'm also a college student and can relate to spending a lion's share of your savings on home theater. Just be patient and wait it out.

Andrew Santos

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Nov 29, 2001
i am also a somewhat starving college student, and i recently purchased some studio 20 v.2s for 450 bucks US. i am more than happy with them, and i'd much rather have speakers now than wait for some v.3s which i might not even be able to afford. if i do audition then and i like em, then maybe some day i will buy them but the v.2s are great speakers and at least i can listen to music now, instead of later. if you find a good deal on v.2s go for it.

Evan S

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Nov 21, 2001
Justin, do you realize how many people have these fine speakers in their HT and how many people in this hobby have upgraditis? Trust me, you will see these speakers on E-bay and on Audiogon for years to come should you need to fill out a set for 5.1 or 7.1. These speakers ROCK. They truly sound great. Even if a version 3 comes out soon and does sound better, the improvement will be marginal at best and it truly will be doubtful whether you will think it worth the price premium. I have auditioned numerous lines of speakers and think that for the money, the Paradigm's give great value. If you want to hear a 10% improvement in performance TOPS from a speaker comparable to the Studio Reference 40...be prepared to pay at least twice the money or go the do it yourself route.

Buy with confidence. Enjoy your hobby.


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Dec 25, 2001
Concur with Evan. If indeed the V3's are totally different and at a higher price point, the deals on the v2's, both new and used, will be outstanding. This development will help your situation, not hurt it. You'll get the same speakers for less. If anything, it may be worth waiting for the v3 rollout even if you have the money way in advance. The Studio v2's are really excellent speakers too, so you do not need to feel like you are "settling" by not getting the more expensive v3's.
May 3, 2002

I was at my local dealer here in Canada.He said to me that they won't be coming out with a v3 for the Studio line.

He said that they will be coming out with a new higher end line of speakers instead.

I'll be going back in a couple weeks, so i'll see if there is anything new to report.

Martin Rendall

Dec 5, 2000
I wonder about whether the prices will actually drop on the old v2 stock, once v3 is announced/shipped. Given the likely frenzy to buy up v2, I doubt dealers will need to drop the prices. And once they're gone, they're gone. If you want new, you may want to think carefully about whether you want to take the risk of not finding any, for the reward of a discount.

The used market sounds like a good fallback, although it not for Canadians, from my researches...


Bob Cal

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Dec 30, 2001
I just went throught the same thing. I was looking at the 40's and 60's for awhile now. I heard about the Ver 3 and emailed Paradigm a number of times on it and they would not confirm. The sales rep. told me to keep checking with the dealers.(From what I have heard they will not give advanced notice of the new lines until they are at the dealers)
Anyway I ended up making my purchase a month ago and I am happy with my purchase. The speakers are a great value. I will be looking for the Studio/CC in the near future as the CC170 I have now does not match.

Good luck with it.

Tim Robbins

Apr 26, 2002
I can't believe the rest of you fellow Canadains haven't seen the new Monitor v3's yet. Especially those of you in Toronto. I live in a relatively small "hick" town in southwestern ontario, and not only are the v3's available, I bought my brother a pair of 7 v3's almost a month ago.

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