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Mar 19, 1999
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Hi all,

Ever since I became a member here at HTF, I have read a large number of DVD reviews (both HTF and personal). It seems that many things noticed by others fly right over my head, many times even after I know about them and are actively looking for them. An example of something that I will notice right off the bat now is CUE, but that was after staring at comparison shots from Toy Story. I am not an expert on EE, but many titles that are reviewed as having a lot of it appear fine to me. Another is mosquito-noise; Do I notice a slight ringing or ghosting around some things? Absolutely. Is it bad enough to mar the presentation? Nope. What got me to thinking about this is the upcoming release of "Spider-man: Superbit". I watched the region 1 release again after reading about many complaits concerning a blocking effect in the brick details in some scenes, among other things. I thought it looked pretty good, aside from being a little hot on the color saturation. There was some minor grain in the brick, but I did not notice any digitizing. Another film is "The Return of the King". There is an an entire thread about the filtering used in the transfer, and yet it still looks fantastic to my eyes. What am I missing? I consider myself to be an AVPhile, but am I just entirely too undiscerning? I am watching on a Mitsubishi 65511 monitor via a Denon-1600P player (component) in progressive mode. A true ISF calibration is not in the budget right now (hopefully soon), but I have calibrated as far as I can using DVE. The Contrast is running at about 25%, the Brightness at 52%, the Hue favors the green slightly (to sort-of compensate for the mitsu's red-push), and the Color is at about 40%. Any insights?

Peace... Derek


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Nov 20, 2002
Toronto area, Canada
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I'm in the same boat as you. If somebody points something niggly out, I'll see it, but I don't purposely look for stuff usually, concentrating more on the content. It's got to be pretty bad before I complain loudly, enough discs like that to do me as it is. However, the slightest AUDIO issue and I'm screaming and getting agitated and sweaty. We each have out own limits for different aspects of the transfer limitations.

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