Am I supposed to use Avia with dvd player in progressive mode?

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    I have a Pioneer SD533HD5 with a JVC 65GD progressive scan player. I calibrated the set using Avia with the player in progressive mode. When playing a dvd, if I turn progressive mode off the colors look very very dark.

    I also noticed that the JVC has it's own settings for contrast and sharpness. How would these affect using Avia?
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    Calibrate in progressive mode.
    There is no need to turn off the progressive mode and see the dark picture, unless you are taking the player to the old TV in the bedroom and it would be calibrated differently so the picture is not so dark.
    As a starting point, set the TV contrast to 40-50% for direct view, 30-35% for projection. Then, going no higher on the TV contrast, play with both contrasts so that you can distinguish all of the steps on the AVIA step gray scale. Recheck the other contrast tests on AVIA, if they fail, you may have to go lower than 40%/30% on the TV contrast and start over.
    Start with sharpness all the way down. You want to find the "zero" position but sometimes the zero position is in the middle instead of the left. If the right side of the gradually narrowing up and down bars (video frequency sweep) is faded, increase the sharpness so it comes into view, but not so high that areas on the right seem unusually strident.
    Like tone controls, you can adjust sharpness and contrast to anything that you like after finding the calibration points suggested by AVIA.
    Video hints:

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