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Jul 12, 2001
I have been reading with great interest to research what everyone has done to plan the installation of their home theater. Unfortunately, I do not have a dedicated room and must compromise by using my existing living room for setup. The room is 22 x 15 x 8. The RPTV is enclosed in an entertainment center at the front of the room where the wall is 15’ wide. I do have door ways in both the front and rear walls which are open at the moment, but I am looking at 1 ¾” solid core doors with sound dampening seals for sound containment.

I live in Bermuda so room construction is very different from which all of you know. The walls are constructed of 18 inch Bermuda Stone, which is similar to concrete block, but softer. The room sits on a concrete slab, probably close to the same thickness and the ceiling is lowered with drywall, probably to house much of the electrical lines and for cosmetic reasons. I will have a wood floor laid (wife’s choice), probably laminate tongue and grove, and have a real concern regarding: 1) The room’s dynamics since the floor and walls are reflective (will have large throw rugs and curtains) and 2) Since all the wires have to be channeled in the wall and floor; doing it right the first time. The room is a living room so no acoustical panels or sound wedges, just lots of picture…..lots of pictures!!

Here is a list of equipment I currently own:

TV: Elite PRO520HD Speakers: Boston Acoustic VRM-60, VR-10, VR-MX Receiver: Onkyo 700 (upgrading to Denon 3805) DVD – Denon 2200 Sat – Dish DVR510 Remote – MX-700 Surge Protector: Monster Power Center 3500

For room design the Entertainment Center will sit at the front wall with the doorway to the immediate left. I will have the VRM-60’s on B-Tech (?) Wall Brackets to the far left and right and two subs underneath. I have a Mirage PS12 but will add a SVS Sub, most likely a 2030PC+ to balance the room (well, not really but sort of!) I will also install BA VR Series in-walls behind the couch and VR-MX’s to either side for 7.1. The VR-10 will reside on the bridge of the Entertainment Unit.

This is what I have planned (but I know it is just a beginning):

Central distribution (wall plates behind the equipment rack in entertainment center) for:
Dedicated PS Audio Receptacle for Monster Power Center to panel
Two fronts (two sets of wires to each for possible future bi-amping)
Sub length to each front corner and receptacle (Surge Protectors?)
One length of wire to each of the four surrounds, sides will have plates while the rears are in-walls wired direct
One length of wire to each kitchen speaker and each outdoor speaker (4 speakers total)
Rotary volume control in kitchen and foyer to control zone 2 and 3
2 channel amp for zone 3 (?) Nice Denon 3805 feature
Cat 5e, phone, and 2 RG-6 to kitchen where computer desk will reside for cable & sat
Behringer Feedback Destroyer to balance room LFE

Other areas of concern:
Ceiling - In-laws live in main house upstairs, need to isolate/insulate sound within downstairs room
Floor – Laminate directly on concrete – should I have a plywood floor built and then laminate on top?
Floor – Dedicated spot where subs will be on hard wood; any other prep needed??
Doors – where to get seals, type of seals (looking a seal which has a release pin to drop a rubber blocker at bottom of the door when closed) no hardware installation needed on wood floor thresholds
Foam for door frames to help with sealing and possible rattling
Lighting – recessed or contemporary halogens?
Lighting automation? Where, How, Capable on MX-700?
Wall Plates – IR’s to control lights in room
Ceiling Fan – My prize Casablanca; how do I keep the metal from rattling?

I know this is just a lot to gauge at once but I cannot screw this up; one shot. I will have conduit to house all the wiring to be able to fish at a later date if need, but I want to keep the room advanced for at least the next five years. There will not be any upgrade to Front projector; at least not in this house. Does anyone see any major holes or concerns?

I appreciate you help

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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I can answer some of your questions:

I’m partial to recessed. Not particularly theater-like, but looks really nice IMO.

Good luck!

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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