1. There's particular packaging/spindle type that I'm worried might wreak my discs.

    It's the all paper type with the clear plastic back / disc holder.

    Recent examples: Jackie Brown, Robin Hood, Grease, and Legend.

    The PUSH button releases the 12 o'clock tab, but the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock tabs are immobile.

    After releasing the top tab, I usually try to rotate the disc free but often this doesn't work.

    In the end, force is usually needed to rip the disc off the tabs and therein lies the concern.

    Since most discs are now dual-layered, the thickness and strength of the material is not what is used to be.

    I've seen used discs with cracks on the bottom layer and wonder if they weren't torn by a spindle.

    Am I nuts to think a spindle could wreak my DVDs?
  2. rich_d

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    Oct 21, 2001
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    Monsieur ... you said a rhoom?

    I neu very well what I said, I ask for a rhoom.
  3. Chris Sypal

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    Dec 2, 2000
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    I had this happen with the Akira det that I have. What I did was take an x-acto knife and trimmed a tiny bit off both the bottom two pegs. Now the discs come out with very little effort when I pull, yet stay in secure otherwise
  4. Tony-B

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    Jun 30, 2002
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    I had a piece taken out of the 2nd disc of my Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition, which is in an Alpha case. I don't think I was removing the disc from the case the right way, but now I am extremely careful with removing discs from Alpha cases.
  5. Pete L

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    Oct 5, 2002
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    In over 1200 discs, I've never had one crack or break. I tend to intuitively develop a method for best removing discs from the various cases. For the clear plastic 'Jackie Brown' type, I firmly push the hub with my thumb while pulling the disc at (roughly) the 11:00 and 1:00 positions simultaneously with my index and ring fingers. It'll usually pop right up with no violence. If there's a little more resistance, try pivoting on the thumb while sliding the two fingers around the "clock" a bit (same principle as removing a tire from a rim using a centrifugally mounted pry bar).

    As for Alpha cases, I've never understood the difficulty so many people complain of having with these; in fact, I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority in my longtime preference for these hubs over all other keepcase hubs (for various reason I won't go into here). Anyway, try using your thumb & index finger to "pinch" the two prongs at the sides of the hub while simultaneously pulling the disc at the 12:00 position with the middle finger. This has worked like a charm for me for the past four years or so!

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