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DVD Review Altered Minds DVD Review

Discussion in 'DVD' started by neil-middlemiss, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Neil Middlemiss

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    Neil Middlemiss
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    Altered Minds DVD Review


    Originally titled The Red Robin, Altered Minds’ journey to the screen (big and small) was a long endeavor. Considered a 2013 production, the origination of the film dates back to 2007/8, and early shot footage was used to help secure additional funding to continue the production (leveraging the quality of the work to reassure potential investors that it would be worthwhile). The film’s premiere, with its new title, took place in November, 2015 (along with release on digital) and now a DVD release. It’s hard to deny the tenacity of the film’s writer/director/producer Michael Z. Wechsler – and given how well the film turned out, it appears that none of the arduous journey affected what shows up on screen.

    Altered Minds, besides being an engaging psychological thriller and mystery, finds something interesting to say about the nature of trauma and the often unpredictable consequences of our actions.

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