Also getting an RP91 - quick DVD audio question... =)

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    Oct 22, 2001
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    Seems this is the player to get, mainly for its progressive performance and features, but I've got a quick question regarding the functionality of the DVD-Audio capability of this player.
    I know with some of the first generation DVD-Audio players the "nested" menus to select which output seemed to be an inconvenience. Does the RP91 automatically output a six channel analog signal when a DVD-Audio disk is inserted? Does it also automatically switch to the digital output if a DD5.1 or dts signal is detected?
    Also, anyone care to comment on the DVD-Audio performance?
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    Aug 10, 2000
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    I'm just trying to think about all the discs I've popped in and I believe it does automatically start playing the 6 channel surround tracks automatically if you don't intervene.
    As for the detection of the DD5.1 or DTS5.1 tracks, it does so for normal DVD-V's. The RP91 does not allow access to the DD or DTS tracks on a DVD-A from what I remember (not that I've even tried). It automatically goes into DVD-A mode when it detects it.
    As for the digital output, it does actually output digital even when DVD-A's are inserted. It just outputs a down converted (i.e. non-high resolution) digital output on most DVD-A tracks. I have found one DVD-A that allows a high resolution output (24/96). I guess it doesn't have the copy protection on.
    The sound quality is good but DVD-A is supposed to be better than CD's.
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