Alpine DIY Subwoofer Build for HT

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by BraveHeart123, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Already engaged. The box will be based with steel putty, sanded, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, given 4-5 coats of pearl black car paint, clear laquered and then buffed with paint cutting cream and finally polished to mirror like finish. I don't want to go to this length on sealed design, at least with this driver. But since I've taken a lot of pains to complete this so I will see the job through. The DIY listening results are fantastic. The sound stage is taller, wider, and deeper than it ever was with tremendous low and midbass slam. But the depth is not what I had hoped for. It is marred by early roll off and low SPL in sub 30hz region. I tested this driver in ported design test box made from cheap chipboard and it was very loud and deep, could easily do 20hz. But sealed ...... aaah......I should have built the ported one. The driver compression kicks in at around 105dB Peak SPL (-13dBFS on master dial) during movies. So, i don't go beyond that, which still is pretty loud during transient bursts. Music is no problem even at 0dB on the avr master volume. Nevertheless, it is worth it coz SW115 is supporting the depth that the seal box is missing.

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