Almost time to install the surround speakers... need help with positioning!

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    Hi all,

    I'm designing my HT's surround sound equipment. I already got the 6.1 (with twin rear center channel amps) system, but I have a couple of questions about the speakers.

    I'll have in the front stage the following speakers, all by Definitive Technology:

    1) BP8B fronts (bipolar front and rear design).
    2) C1 center channel.

    I can choose from the following for my rear channel duties.

    1) BP6B (bipolar front and rear design).
    2) BP2X (bipolar angled design ](around 60°).
    3) ProMonitor 100 (front-firing).
    4) C1jr center channel (front-firing).

    Nice thing is, all 3 have exactly the same drivers, so they can be mixed and matched anyway I want.

    The thing is, how to mix and match them?

    1) Use the BP6Bs as side speakers, the BP2X as rear center speakers. This one should make the most sense, as sound will come slightly diffused from rear and sides due to their bipolar nature. But the BP6Bs would not timbre-match the rest of the set, since I'd have to install them firing front and rear of the room.

    2) Use the BP2X as side speakers and the BP6Bs as rear center speakers. A bit cumbersome, but I guess timbre would kinda match, and I'd have lots of diffusion.

    3) BP2X as side speakers and ProMonitor 100s as rear center speakers. Is the rear channel supposed to be diffused, or can I get away with using direct firing speakers? I like this idea, since I can get a BP6B pair of speakers to use somewhere else.

    4) BP2X as side speakers and the C1jr as the rear center channel. This does not sound right. I don't know why, but a single rear channel doesn't sound logical to me.

    Any opinions? Ideas? Suggestions?

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    i have a polk setup with di/bi polar for all 4 of my surounds they are the wedge shape work great the side surounds should be near beside the front listners anda little behind them the rear,rears if you have 1 centewr it on the center and if you have 2 do the 1/3 the rear distance i did 1/3 of the rear wall but that was not the full lenth of the theater
    link to my web site it dont have a theater feel caues i had to math the rest of the basement that i finished first

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