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Jan 20, 2003
Only titles with a price are currently for sale. More prices to come. If there are titles that you are interested in buying let me know and if I am willing to sell I will post a price. I just don’t have time to price them all yet.


Single discs ship first class with delivery confirmation. Multi-disc shipments ship via media mail with delivery confirmation.

For US buyers, first disc S/H $2, each additional disc $1/disc. For Canadian buyers, First disc S/H $2.50 and each additional disc $1.50/disc. Free shipping on orders totaling over $50 (U.S. only). Free Priority mail shipping on orders over $100 (U.S. only). Open to selling to other countries at actual shipping costs.

Insurance is available at cost. Not responsible for lost or damage to uninsured packages.

Payment accepted: PayPal (NO CREDIT CARDS), money orders, bank/cashiers checks, and personal checks (must wait until funds clear). If paying by PayPal, I will only ship to a PayPal verified address.

Specific want list below. Enjoy!

Oh and one more thing - please NO WHINING in this thread - if you feel the need to haggle over prices, email me (though I can't guarantee success).

Trade List:


Alphaville $SOLD$
Beauty and the Beast (new version) $SOLD$
Dead Ringers (SEALED, OOP) $40
Hard Boiled (OOP) $60
Insomnia $SOLD$
Orphic Trilogy 3-DVD box set (Cocteau, slight shelf wear on box corners) $SOLD$
Rushmore $20
Seven Samurai (SEALED, OOP 1st printing with restoration demo – think Spinal Tap:CC in value before making any trade offers) $90
Seventh Seal, The $SOLD$
Sid and Nancy (SEALED, OOP) $45
Solaris (SEALED) $25
Tokyo Drifter $SOLD$
Traffic (Alliance) $20
Walkabout $SOLD$


Bram Stoker’s Dracula (didn’t come with a slipcase – big deal right?)
Das Boot (SEALED)
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal 2000 $15
Hollow Man $15
Legends of the Fall $15
Mask of Zorro (SEALED) $15
Quick and the Dead, The $15

Out of print/rare/limited edition:

Airport (widescreen, SEALED) $20
Airport 1975 (widescreen, SEALED) $20
Basic Instinct (LE custom case with icepick pen)
Big Trouble in Little China:SE (2-disc, OOP)
Bride of Re-Animator (the original BETTER version w/widescreen and special features) $SOLD$
Bullet in the Head (Mega Star)
Dances with Wolves (full bit rate DTS 2-disc)
Dead Ringers: Criterion (SEALED) $40
Disney Treasures: Silly Symphonies Tin (SEALED/no dings) $40
Evil Dead 2: Limited Edition Tin
Frankenhooker (Henenlotter dir. OOP)
Halloween (2-disc LE, yeah the new Divimax version has the Carpenter commentary, but the transfer blows….) $35
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch $SOLD$
Halloween 4: Limited Edition Tin $SOLD$
Halloween 5: Limited Edition Tin $SOLD$
Hard Boiled: Criterion $60
Hard Boiled (John Woo dir., Fox Lorber edition) $SOLD$
Heathers: Limited Edition Tin
Hellraiser: Limited Edition Tin
Herzog Kinski Collection (Anchor Bay, SEALED) $SOLD$
Jungle Book: Limited Issue
Lair of the White Worm (the original version w/better transfer and special features)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie: Limited Edition tin TRADED
Last Days of Disco $50
Living Daylights:SE $20$
Maniac: Limited Edition Tin
Maniac Cop $50
Meet Joe Black: Ultimate Edition 2-disc $35
Moonraker:SE $20$
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie $50
Nekromantik $17
On Her Majesty's Secret Service:SE $20$
Radioland Murders $7
Repo Man: : Limited Edition Tin
Serpent and the Rainbow (R1/Image, SEALED) $15
Seven Samurai: Criterion (SEALED, 1st printing with restoration demo) $90
Short Circuit (SEALED) $40
Sid and Nancy: Criterion (SEALED) $45
Sleepaway Camp box set (OOP Red Cross Cover) $30
Toxic Avenger: Limited Edition (signed by Lloyd Kaufman, ltd. To only 2000 copies) $SOLD$
Virgin Among the Living Dead / Eine Jungfrau in den Krallen von Zombies (2-disc R2/PAL version, with Jess Franco’s cut and uncut versions, limited to 1000 copies only) $25
Wicker Man: Limited Edition Pine Box
Your Friends and Neighbors $20
Your Friends and Neighbors (SEALED) $30


2019: After the Fall of New York $13
Airport (OOP, widescreen, SEALED) $20
Airport 1975 (OOP, widescreen, SEALED) $20
Barb Wire $5
Big Trouble in Little China:SE (2-disc, OOP)
Black Hawk Down (1-disc) $7
Black Rain (Douglas, minor surface scuffing) $8
Bourne Identity: CE (widescreen, Damon)
Bridge Too Far, A (SEALED) $7
Bullitt $9
Chill Factor $7
Devil’s Keep, The $7
Django/Django Strikes Again: LE (SEALED) $9
15 Minutes (no insert) $5
Fistful of Dollars, A (SEALED) $7
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Ghost in the Darkness (Kilmer, Douglas) $7
Great Escape, The (SEALED) $7
Hang 'Em High (SEALED) $7
Hard Boiled (John Woo dir., Fox Lorber edition, OOP) $SOLD$
Hell Comes to Frogtown $11
Highlander: The Immortal Edition (small impression in tin) $15
Iron Monkey (OOP Mega Star R0/NTSC) $10
Kiss of the Dragon $7
K-19: The Widowmaker
La Femme Nikita (original) $5
Long Kiss Goodnight
Mission Impossible 2: SE $10
Musketeer, The (W/DTS track) $6
Pearl Harbor: 60th Anniversary Edition $10
Predator 2 (SEALED) $7
Proof of Life (Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan) $7
Quest for Fire $7
Rambo II: First Blood: Special Edition (SEALED) $5
Rules of Engagement $6
Running Man $7
Sum of All Fears
U.S. Marshalls: SE
Viking Queen (SEALED) $13
Volcano $8
Warriors, The $9
White Squall
Windtalkers $7
Windtalkers: Director’s Edition 3-disc $18
World is Not Enough: SE (OOP) $15
xXx: SE (widescreen) $10


About Schmidt $12
American Pie 2 Unrated (widescreen) $10
Bare Wench Project (Director’s cut – unrated) $10
Better Off Dead (Cusack) $SOLD$
Clue: The Movie (SEALED) $10
Chris Rock Show, Best of: Volume 1 $7
Dick (surface scuffs)
Down to Earth (Chris Rock) $7
Drawing Flies (View Askew Prod.) $8
Get Shorty
Gross Anatomy (SEALED) $5
Grumpy Old Men $7
Haiku Tunnel $13
Hanging Up $5
Heathers: Limited Edition Tin
Hollywood Ending (Woody Allen dir.)
Jerk, The $13
Joe Dirt $8
Kate and Leopold
Kingpin $7
Last American Virgin $7
Legal Eagles (original) $5
Maid in Manhattan $8
Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O. $10
Mickey Blue Eyes $7
Midnight Run (NEW version) $10
My Best Friend’s Wedding $11
Night at the Roxbury, A $9
Night Shift (sealed) $5
Nurse Betty (light surface scuffs) $7
One Night at McCools $7
Opposite of Sex, The $14
People From Space (Elite) $9
Radioland Murders (OOP) $7
Repo Man: Limited Edition Tin
Serendipity (no insert) $6
Serving Sara (a couple of very light surface scuffs)
Sex and the City: The Complete First Season $SOLD$
Short Circuit (OOP, SEALED) $40
Singles (Cameron Crow dir.) $7
Slums of Beverly Hills $7
Smokers, The $7
Stealing Harvard
Super Troopers
Sweet Home Alabama
Tao of Steve, The
Tapeheads: CE
There's Something About Mary: SE (NOT the recently released MORE version) $5
Town & Country (Warren Beatty) $6
Toys (Robin Williams)
Trial and Error (Michael Richards)
Very Bad Things $SOLD$
What Planet Are You From?
Your Friends and Neighbors (OOP)
Your Friends and Neighbors (OOP, SEALED)
Zero Effect

Comic Book Confedential $12


Accused, The (SEALED)
Ali (Michael Mann dir.)
Almost Famous: Bootleg Cut
Another Day in Paradise
Bad Boys (Sean Penn, Republic/Artisan) $SOLD$
Better Place
Blow: Infinifilm
Boxing Helena
Bully (Larry Clark dir.)
Caligula: Complete, Unedited, Unrated Edition: Director's Cut (snapper case wear)
Cast Away:SE (2-disc)
Caveman's Valentine: DTS
Citizen Kane (SEALED)
Contender, The: DTS
Crime and Punishment in Suburbia
Dances with Wolves (OOP full bit rate DTS 2-disc)
Dangerous Liasons (SEALED)
Dinner With Friends
Dr. Zhivago (SEALED)
Doom Generation
Doors: Special Edition
Emmanuelle Collection, The (Anchor Bay 3-disc set)
Emannuelle in America (Blue Underground)
Far From Heaven
Finding Forrester
Fisher King
Full Frontal (Soderbergh)
Gandhi: SE
Ghost World
Gods and Monsters:CE
Happiness: Signature Series (SEALED)
Heavenly Creatures: Uncut (Peter Jackson dir.)
Hurricane, The: CE (Denzel Washington)
I Am Sam: Platinum Series
In the Bedroom
I Shot Andy Warhol
Jackie Brown: CE 2-disc
K-Pax (Bi-lingual Cover - Canadian)
Last Days of Disco (OOP)
Last Picture Show
Life as a House
Man on the Moon
Map of the World, A
Meet Joe Black: Ultimate Edition 2-disc (OOP)
Messenger - The Story of Joan of Arc (Luc Besson dir.)
Metropolis: Restored Version (Kino)
Mosquito Coast, The
My Life
Once in the Life (Laurence Fishburne dir.)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: SE (sealed)
Out of the Blue (Anchor Bay)
Pollock: SE
Pump Up The Volume
Road House (Swayze)
Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrmann dir.)
Romper Stomper (Russell Crowe Aussie Skinhead flic)
Scarlet Diva (Asia Argento)
Series 7 (think Battle Royale on network TV)
Sexy Beast
Shipping News, The (no insert)
Spider (David Cronenberg dir., w/Ralph Fiennes)
Taken (1999)
Thelma and Louise: SE
Time Code: SE (surface scuffs)
Time Out (Laurent Cantet dir.)
Two Girls and a Guy
Urban Cowboy (Canadian version - bilingual cover)
Vanilla Sky (SEALED)
Vengeance of SHE (SEALED)
Waking Life (Linklater dir.)
What Dreams Many Come: SE (case insert torn)
Wonder Boys: SE


Disney Treasures: Silly Symphonies Tin (SEALED/no dings) $40

Alice in Wonderland: Gold Collection (Disney, SEALED) $SOLD$
Jungle Book: Limited Issue

It's the Pied Piper Charlie Brown
Joe Somebody
Max Keeble's Big Move
NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
Snow Dogs
Three Musketeers, The (live action)


Boy Meets Girl $10
Hard Boiled (John Woo dir., Fox Lorber edition, OOP) $SOLD$
Iron Monkey (OOP Mega Star R0/NTSC) $10
I Stand Alone (SEALED) $17
Nekromantik (Jorg Buttgereit dir) $17
Schramm (Jorg Buttgereit dir) $17
Time Out (Laurent Cantet dir.)


The Abominable Snowman: Hammer Collection (SEALED) $14
American Psycho: Unrated
American Werewolf in London:CE
Arachnophobia $7
Astronaut's Wife, The $5
Bats $5
Begotten $14
Beyond, The: Limited Edition Tin
Beyond The Darkness - Buio Omega (Joe D'Amato dir., Shriek Show) $8
Black Cat (Fulci)
Bloodsucking Freaks TRADED
Blue Sunshine: LE (Blue Underground) $SOLD$
Boneyard, The $7
Bride of Chucky $7
Bride of Re-Animator (the original BETTER version w/widescreen and special features) $SOLD$
Burial Ground – The Nights of Terror
Cannibal Apocalypse:SE
Cannibal Man (Anchor Bay) $13
Carnivore $5
Child’s Play 2 $7
Creepshow 2
Crush, The (Silverstone) $5
Cut and Run (Ruggero Deodato dir., uncut Anchor Bay version) $10
Dario Argento: An Eye for Horror $SOLD$
Dario Argento Collection Vol. 1 (Inferno/Phenomena) $17
Dario Argento Collection Vol. 3 (Tenebre/Deep Red) $17
Darkness Falls $9
Day of the Dead (Divimax, SEALED)
Dead and Rotting: LE $10
Delirium: Photo of Gioia
Demons (L. Bava dir.) $12
Devil’s Experiment/Android of Notre Dame (Guinea Pig series)
Dolls (R0/PAL from Dragon)
Doppleganger (Drew Barrymore) $6
Dr. Lamb (Winson)
Emannuelle in America (Blue Underground) $14
Evil Dead 2: Limited Edition Tin
Fear Dot Com
Fly, The/Fly 2, The
Frankenhooker (Henenlotter dir. OOP)
Friday The 13th (SEALED) $7
Giallo Collection (4 disc box set) $SOLD$
Gothic (Pioneer, SEALED)
Hatred of a Minute (SEALED, w/ feature commentary by producer Bruce Campbell) $10
Halloween 3 (OOP) $SOLD$
Hell of the Living Dead (Bruno Mattei dir.) $7
Hell Night $7
Hellraiser: Limited Edition Tin (incl. Hellraiser 2)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer $13
Herzog Kinski Collection (Anchor Bay, OOP, SEALED) $SOLD$
Hobb's End
House By the Cemetary (Fulci)
House on the Edge of the Park (the superior Shriek Show/Media Blasters version) $SOLD$
I Know What You Did Last Summer $7
I Spit on Your Corpse $7
Interview with a Vampire $11
Johnsons, The (Anchor Bay) $10
Lair of the White Worm (the original version w/better transfer and special features)
Last Broadcast, The $9
Last House on a Dead End Street (Barrel Entertainment 2-disc set) $17
Maniac: Limited Edition Tin
Maniac Cop (Elite, OOP) $50
Mark of the Devil (Anchor Bay, OOP)
Nekromantik $17
Nosferatu (Herzog/Kinski version, Anchor Bay 2-disc set $13
Parents (OOP) $25
Patrick (Elite, SEALED) $10
People Under the Stairs (R2/PAL) $5
Pieces $5
Piranha (no insert – not sure if it originally came w/one, a few light surface marks) $SOLD$
Prophecy (1979, Frankenheimer dir.) $7
Rasputin, The Mad Monk (Anchor Bay) $12
Ring, The (widescreen) $9
Schramm (Jorg Buttgereit, dir of Nekromantik, from Barrel Entertainment) $16
Sentinel, The $5
Serpent and the Rainbow OOP/R1/Image (SEALED) $15
Slaughterhouse $5
Sleepaway Camp box set (OOP Red Cross Cover) $30
Slumber Party Massacre 2 $5
Snow White: A Tale of Terror $7
Stigmata $5
Tales From the Crypt: The Robert Zemeckis Collection $5
Tales From the Hood $SOLD$
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: The Next Generation $5
Toxic Avenger
(I have both the regular ([b$SOLD$) and the limited edition version ($SOLD$), signed by Lloyd Kaufman himself! This numbered edition was limited to only 2000 copies. Might be willing to let this one go for the right offer.)

Tromeo and Juliet $SOLD$

Virgin Among the Living Dead / Eine Jungfrau in den Krallen von Zombies (2-disc R2/PAL version, with Jess Franco’s cut and uncut versions, limited to 1000 copies only) $25

When A Stranger Calls Back (SEALED) $5
Whip and the Body $11
Wicker Man: Limited Edition Pine Box


2019: After the Fall of New York $13
Battle for the Planet of the Apes $7
Body Snatchers – The Invasion Continues (Abel Ferrara dir.)
Edward Scissorhands: 10th Anniversary Edition
Escape from the Planet of the Apes $7
Fahrenheit 451 (new version, SEALED, punch hole in UPC)
Independence Day (2-disc, SEALED, better looking Best Buy version packaging) $14
Lost in Space: Platinum Series $6
Predator 2 (SEALED) $7
Red Planet $6
They Live (R2/PAL version WITH Carpenter commentary) $17



·The Trouble with Harry (Universal, punch-hole in UPC, came from box set) $SOLD$
·Vertigo (Universal, punch-hole in UPC, came from box set) $12
·The Birds (Universal, punch-hole in UPC, came from box set) $12
·Marnie (Universal, punch-hole in UPC, came from box set) $15
·Alfred Hitchcock Presents #3 (Universal, punch-hole in UPC, came from box set) $20
·To Catch a Thief (Paramount, SEALED) $SOLD$

Apt Pupil
Basic Instinct (LE custom case with icepick pen)
Changing Lanes (widescreen, SEALED) $9
Dead Calm (Kidman) $10
Darkness Falls (NOT the horror film, it's the 1998 pic w/Sherilyn Fenn) $5
Gift, The
Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The $7
Hannibal: SE (Movie Gallery sticker on discs) $7
High Crimes
Hush (Gwyneth Paltrow) $5
Identity (Cusack) $13
Insomnia (widescreen, Pacino)
Killing Me Softly: Unrated Version
Love and a .45
One Hour Photo (widescreen)
Original Sin: Unrated Edition
Possession (Paltrow)
Random Hearts
Sea of Love: Collector's Edition (NEW version) $SOLD$
Seventh Sign
Shallow Grave (MGM)
Tailor of Panama: SE
Tie That Binds, The
Vanilla Sky (SEALED)


David Bowie – Best of Bowie
Fatboy Slim: Big Beach Boutique II $12
Pet Shop Boys Montage: The Nightlife Tour $12
Residents, The - Icky Flix $12

Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (Super Audio CD/SACD) $10
Yorn, Pete – Gold (Super Audio CD/SACD) $10


Sex and the City: The Complete First Season $SOLD$
Simpsons: Season 3
Star Trek: The Original Series – Volumes 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 and 15 $9/each
S.W.A.T. – The Complete First Season (SEALED) $18

Want List:

Imported horror:

Braindead (PAL Blood Edition)
Cat in the Brain (Fulci, the new Screen Entertainment version)
Dead Next Door, The (Crypt Keeper release)
Gemini (Starmax/R0 or Dutch PAL version)
Guts of a Beauty (Japan Shock/R0)
Ju-on (R3/Korean DTS)
Ring 0 (Tartan version, R2/PAL) #PENDING#
Ring 2 (Tartan version, R0/PAL) #PENDING#
Ring Virus (Bitwin version, R0/NTSC)

Domestically available horror:

And Now the Screaming Starts (Image/Euroshock Collection)
Asylum (1972, Image/Euroshock Collection)
Blue Underground titles I don’t/haven’t already own(ed)
Body Bags (lesser want)
Brain Damage: SE (latest version in anamorphic widescreen)
Brood, The (Cronenberg, MGM version, lesser want) #PENDING#
Cheerleader Massacre (lesser want)
Clownhouse (MGM, lesser want)
Cremains (lesser want)
Crimson - Euroshock Collection (lesser want)
Dead of Winter (lesser want)
Devil Rides Out, The (Hammer Collection, lesser want)
Dr. Gore (Something Weird Video)
Dr. Jekyl and Sister Hyde (Hammer Collection, lesser want)
Driller Killer: CE
Drive In (lesser want)
Drive-In Discs Volume 1 (Elite)
Drive-In Discs Volume 3 (Elite)
Elite titles I don’t/haven’t already own(ed)
Euroshock collection titles I don’t/haven’t already own(ed)
Faceless (Shriek Show/Media Blasters)
Faces of Death Box Set # HIGH WANT #
Frankenstein Created Woman (Hammer Collection, lesser want)
Ghoul, The (MGM, lesser want)
Girl Who Knew Too Much, The (Bava, Image, lesser want)
Girl with the Hungry Eyes (lesser want)
Graduation Day (Troma - lesser want)
Grandma's House (1988/Image - lesser want)
Gruesome Twosome, The
Guinea Pig Flower of Flesh and Blood/Making of Guinea Pig Double Feature
Hammer Collection titles I don’t/haven’t already own(ed)
Hell Asylum / Prison of the Dead - Double Feature (lesser want)
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (cheapo)
House of Clocks #PENDING#
House with Laughing Windows, The (Image/Euroshock Collection)
House on Sorority Row (Elite)
Inseminoid (Elite)
Item, The (cheapo)
Living Dead Girl (Rollin, lesser want)

MGM Midnight Movies (lesser wants):

·The Comedy of Errors/The Raven
·Countess Dracula/Vampire Lovers
·Donovan's Brain
·Haunted Palace/The Tower of London
·Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)
·It! The Terror From Beyond Space
·Monster That Challenged the World
·Morons From Outer Space
·The Tomb Of Ligeia & An Evening Of Edgar Allen Poe
·What's the Matter With Helen/Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

Mountain of the Cannibal God (Anchor Bay, lesser want)
Mummy, The (Hammer)
My Dear Killer (Shriek Show/Media Blasters, lesser want)
Nekromantik 2: LE (Barrel Entertainment) # HIGH WANT #
Night to Dismember, A (Elite)
Other Hell (Bruno Mattei - Shriek Show/Media Blasters)
Patrick Still Lives: Unrated (Media Blasters)
Snuff - Limited Edition (Blue Underground)
Soylent Green
Spasmo (Lenzi - lesser want)
Spider Baby (1964)
Strange Behavior (Elite)
Succubus (Anchor Bay)
Synapse titles I don’t/haven’t already own(ed)
Tetsuo: The Ironman (Image, R0/NTSC)
Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (Anchor Bay, lesser want)
Troll/Troll 2 (MGM, lesser want)

Universal Classic Monster Double Features: # HIGH WANT #

·Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man / House of Frankenstein
·Son of Frankenstein / The Ghost of Frankenstein

Versus: SE (Media Blasters)
Warlock trilogy (lesser want)
When a Stranger Calls (lesser want)
Wolf (Nicholson)
X - the Unknown (Hammer Collection, lesser want)

and other horror titles I don't already own

Box sets/multipacks/series volumes:

·Angel: Seasons 1 and 2 (lesser want)
·E.R. – Season 1 (lesser want)
·M.A.S.H. – Season 4
·Mr. Bean – The Whole Bean
·Space 1999 Mega Set # HIGH WANT #
·Star Trek TOS Episodes I don't own, which are: 20-35, 39 and 40 (all lesser wants)
·Taken (minseries)
·X-files: All seasons (but would like to start w/the early ones first – lesser want)


(all lesser wants)

·Great Mouse Detective
·Hercules (GC or LI – I don’t care, though they are both of the same value to me)
·Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Gold Collection
·Make Mine Music: Gold Collection
·Melody Time: Gold Collection
·Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
·Rescuers Down Under, The
·Saludos Amigos: Gold Collection

Alice (Jan Svankmajer dir., First Run Features)
Erotic Witch Project (lesser want)
Faust (Jan Svankmajer dir., Image)
Come and See (Klimov)
Harold and Maude (lesser want)
In the Company of Men (lesser want)
Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway: I'm Telling You for the Last Time (lesser want)
Kid Stays In the Picture, The
Old School (unrated, widescreen - lesser want)
Omega Man (Lancaster)
People vs. Larry Flynt: SE (latest version)
Salo (R2/PAL, BFI)

Jonathan O

Apr 2, 2003
Insomnia CC $15
Seventh Seal, The CC $20
Sex and the City: The Complete First Season $15

Works for free shipping, right?


Supporting Actor
Jan 20, 2003
Johnathan O - Seventh Seal might be pending sale; I am still waiting for confirmation on that but it is likely to be gone.

Did you still want the other two plus S/H or did you want to try and find something else to push you over the $50? Please let me know. Thanks.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Scott, you have a private message from the HTF administration. Please read it immediately. Jack Briggs

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