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Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
I have these for sale or trade Will trade multiple SD discs of mine for stuff I really want especially HD DVD or Blurays. Did I mention multiples? For discs being sold 1st Class shipping is $2 (lower 48)for individual discs and a $1 for each additional disc. The Mel Brooks & Jack Ryan,Die Hard sets will be $3 each. $10 for Pearl Harbor
If you think my prices are too high make an offer

2007 DTS HD Master Audio HDDVD demo Disc never been played/brand new $15

Mitsubishi 1080P HD DVD demo disc $10
300 (sealed) non combo $20
Bourne Idenity (sealed)$18

Departed Sealed $20

BUY three get one free
Mel Brooks Collection (this is special because it includes the 30th anniversary edition of Blazing Saddles substituted in for the original version that is included with the set. It's in the thinline case.) $40

Jack Ryan special edition collection with box/slipcover $18

Die Hard Ultimate Collection Includes all three 5 star movies w/ DTS OOP $30

Pearl Harbor 60th anniversary edition commemorative gift set w/ NG Behind the movie,maps and deluxe box
http://www.amazon.com/Pearl-Harbor-6...7160393&sr=1-7 $25

Kingdom of Heaven DC 4 disc set $15

Coldplay Live 2003 DVD+CD $10

Casino Royale w slip cover 2 disc $8

Shaun of the Dead $8

Twister $7

Pirates of the Carribean TCOTBP 2 disc $10

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Reg 3 theatrical not the horrible DC $12

Shawshank Redemption SE $10

The Quiet American $5

T2 Extreme Edition metal cover inside art and plastic are missing $5

Mallrats CE(original) $7

Seabisquit $7

Oceans 11 $7

The Breakfast Club HSRC $9

Perfect Storm $5

The King & I (original)$5

Backdraft printed cover $4

For the Love of the Game $5

Elizabethtown BB sneak preview disc $3

I have a lithograph of
Star Wars Episode III from Best Buy $10 shipped
I will also throw this in with 3 of my FT/FS titles to sweeten the deal for an HD DVD or Bluray title or with 1-2 of my SD DVDs for one of my wants at the bottom.

These below are slip covers only and would like to trade several for a DVD or a whole bunch for an HD DVD. I will also throw these in with one of my FT/FS titles to sweeten the deal.They are for sale 3 for $5
Das Boot Region 3
Gattaca Region 3
Guns of Navarone region 3
Air Force One
Men In Black
Bad Boys
The Patriot
The Mask of Zorro
The Fifth Element


Field of Dreams 2 disc Anniversary edtion
The Complete Denis Leary
Mr & Mrs Smith
The Great Escape SE 2disc collectors set
Space Balls CE
Clueless The Whatever Edition
The Incredibles
Enemy of the State
Die Another Day SE
Office Space SE with Flair
The Running Man SE
Cinderella Man
Mission Impossible CE
Stargate Ultimate Edition
Jurassic Park Box set
Monty Python and the Holy Grail SE
Aladdin PE 2 disc SE
High School Reunion Collection Box
Transporter 2

I take non credit card paypal
Im looking for these SD disc but am open to offers
Rat Patrol season 2
Gimme Shelter Criterion
Home Alone FFE

I'm also looking for HD DVDs
Hot Fuzz
Letters From Iwo Jima
The Holiday (import)
The Warriors
The Sting
The Thing
I'm also looking for Blu Rays

Black Hawk Down
The Holiday
Kingdon of Heaven
Pearl Harbor
I'm open to offers

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