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Akai 2790 'Squeeze' Question (1 Viewer)

Aaron Feil

May 7, 2002

First, let me say that I greatly appreciate the opinions and information provided by the members of this forum. Using the forum, I decided to purchase the Akai 2790 for a number of reasons including it's ability to perform the squeeze of widescreen formats to fit with the 4;3.

Probably because I'm very much a novice, I was surprised that it appears that the squeeze is not doing what I thought (or I'm not doing it properly - most likely the former though).

My understanding is that you can activate the 'squeeze' by cycling through the 3 picture size options (via the 'psize' button): "normal", "zoom" and "widescreen"

Normal - picture is very crisp but there are varying sizes of horizontal black spaces above/below the picture

Zoom - fills the entire screen with picture. However, noticeable degradation in resolution exists vs Normal.

Widescreen - really flattens out the 'normal' view

My impression is that the 'zoom' mode is the 'squeezed' mode. However, I thought that resolution actually increased vs. normal viewing because you're taking more information, as contained in the original widescreen format, and squeezing that down into a small viewing area. However, I am seeing decreased resolution with what I'm assuming to be the squeezed mode.

Again, I'm a complete novice and therefore am probably missing something. Thanks in advance for any clarification.


Senior HTF Member
Feb 6, 2001
Have you set your DVD player for 16:9 output? That would cause a problem with your settings.

I've got the Samsung 2791F and it does the squeeze just fine. I might be wrong but I think that you can only use the widescreen mode when viewing DVD's that are anamorphic. I don't think that it works properly with other sources. I could be wrong though.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 6, 2000
Actually, the widescreen mode is the squeeze mode. (It squeezes the picture vertically). As Jim mentioned, you must set your DVD player to 16:9 output to get the proper aspect ratio after the squeeze. DVDs that are not 16:9 enhanced will look normal without the squeeze, so you shouldn't use the widescreen mode for those.

Dan V

Stunt Coordinator
May 17, 2001
The above posts are correct. You must set your dvd player's output to 16:9 and the dvd must be anamorphic or say enchanced for 16:9 viewing.Your tv must be set to the widscreen mode. The squeeze will cause all information to be displayed in the viewing area, no scan lines will be wasted on the black bars(although you will still see them, this is normal). You will see an improvement of 33% in resolution.If you do not set the output of your dvd player to 16:9, it will cause some wierd effects like 1:85 movies appearing to be 2:35 or wider with strangley compressed images.

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