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Mar 15, 2004
About to finish the dedicated HT room (well, not fully dedicated, will have a treadmill!) Having started the work in February, had no foresight and did not plan for air conditioning, figuring its in the basement and should stay cool in the summer and I can use a space heater in the winter (Atlanta area, so extreme cold is not a problem).

But now, in the muggy days of early summer, I am realizing my folly and think I will need A/C, particularly when using the treadmill.

One option is to branch off from the lower-level ac unit. The house has 3 levels but 2 units (none for the basement). For the existing finished rooms in the basement, done about 2 years ago, I branched off an 8" from the plenum and split it into two six-inchers. Now, however, I could not tak another six-incher as this would burden the main level too much. I think I am stuck, short of adding a whole new unit, but tell me if I could be wrong.

So I got to thinking of a room a/c unit, but not a window-mount. Rather, one of those free-standing ones. I cannot easily see how it 'communicates' with the outside, though. Does one have to do something to the window (there is a window at the back), or what? And are they pretty quiet, ie, suitable for HT applications?

Appreciate any feedback from those who have been there. Thanks.

Glen C

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 20, 1998
assuming your original AC is properly done...

you should easily be able to pull ducts to get basement AC off an existing air handler. adding a 3rd unit is really absurd, if anything you can upgrade one air-handler. talk to a few reasonable and local competant AC guys to get quotes. try to get a referral from a customer, not the yellow pages. you probably don't need a "return" just 2-3 air ducts. very simple and straightforward.

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
If possible you should add a return duct. Doing so will allow you to ventilate the area more efficiently and remove the heat generated by the equipment in your room and the heat generated by the occupants. Tapping into the existing supply and return ducts isn't that difficult, just make sure that all of the joints are sealed properly.

Can you post a few pics or a drawing of the room?

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