AHH! Please help w/ song title/artist

Discussion in 'Music' started by JayDerek, Apr 21, 2005.

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    I've come out of heavy lurk-dom, because i can't get this song clip out of my head and I have no clue who the artist is and the song name.

    It's from a TV commercial for a 'Dance/Club Hits' type cd compilation. It shows clips from what must be parts of the artist's video. Anyways, this one has a female (in a red dress?) on a stage...

    She's singing something like "Love will (bring? take?) us....(something, something)...and that just takes us (higher?)"

    AHHHH! this is driving me crazy!

    ( this isn't Taylor Dayne's song )

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

  2. Henry Gale

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    Is this your song?

    [c]Captain And Tennille---Love Will Keep Us Together[/c]

    "Love, Love will keep us together
    Think of me babe whenever
    Some sweet talking girl comes along singing her song
    Don't mess around,
    You got to be strong
    Just Stop, 'cause I really love You
    Stop, I'll be thinking of you
    Look in my heart and let love keep us together

    No, I guess not....[​IMG]
  3. Glen B

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    Over the years, I have added a good bit of new music to my collection starting with small bits of information like you have. You've got to do some "detective work." The next time the commercial is on, make a note of the title of the compilation and use that as Your starting point. Search the Internet for the CD title and a list of the tracks/artists. The company marketing the CD may have this information on their website. Sometimes they may advertise a CD as "only being available on TV." In reality that's not always the case. You can also try searching sites such as Tower Records online or CD Universe to see if they have the CD title in stock. They may have sound samples that you can use to pinpoint the specific song you're looking for. Good luck. I will keep an eye out for this commercial.

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