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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Shawn C, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Shawn C

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    May 15, 2001
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    So I'm TRYING to download the Call of Duty 1.3 patch that came out yesterday. Why is it that these game companies can't provide a link to a free update of their own games?! I mean, why is that every time I try to download something, I have to register with some half-assed "file downloading" company, that is really just in business to stick ads in my face, in order to download a patch to a game that I paid good money for?!

    Why can't Activision supply their own servers for their own maintenance?! Oh, and the 2 or 3 servers that you can get to without having to register for anything are always so backed up that it's pointless.

    /rant off
  2. Scott L

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    Feb 29, 2000
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    I've always liked Gamer's Hell. Tell me how it goes:

    I've been tempted so many times to pay for Gamespy's or FIlepanet's download service to get the exclusive member benefits or whatever. Maybe if it was $40 and not $60-$70 I'd bite.

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