after posting to a thread, whats best way to get back to same place in forum section?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by TonyD, Nov 23, 2001.

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    in other words when i post to a thread it says we are taking you back to your post on the thread. but i want to get back to the forum in the place were i was before i read the thread.

    for example... i go to forum feedback and read a thread called "time" about halfway down the page then i post a reply to "time" eventually it takes me back to the time thread with my post now in it. get back to "forum feedback" about halfway down i have to hit the back button about 3 times to get to were i was to start or start forum feedback section from the beginning of the forum again.

    so that is confusing but the best way i can explain it.
  2. Luke_Y

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    When it takes you back to your Msg you can note that it posted/reads as intended. Now look at the bottom of the pg. you should see something that looks kind of like this.

    Home > Miscellaneous > Forum Feedback > Thread you are reading

    Just clik the one for the forum and you will jump directly back to it.

    Note, if you were several pages into that forum it jumps back to the first pg. Don't know how to get arround that besides using the drop menu on my back button instead of the link.
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    Yeah, the only way I know of is to use the back button on the browser. Using the drop down section instead of the back button just click 4th(?) one down the list and it'll take you right where you want. I've become quite used to this and easily do it out of habit now.

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