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Mar 26, 2006
If sales of the MASH material are strong, I would imagine that at some point after MASH would be released. Neither of these shows is something I am particularly interested in but I wanted to offer some information.

Years ago, I had on videotape (so long ago it may have even been on Beta!) a pilot for a series starring the character of Radar back home after the his time in Korea was done. I wish I still had the tape as it had the tape.

Anyway, I thought if a DVD of after MASH was ever released, if a copy of that Radar pilot has survived somewhere, it may make for an interesting "extra" on a DVD set.
Aug 18, 2008
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I'd certainly be interested to see "After Mash" on DVD. Has anybody here seen it? My problem with many later episodes of Mash was that they were VERY political and sometimes cloying, and I wonder if "After Mash" might be more my kind of thing. Back on topic, I've seen a VERY brief clip from "W*A*L*T*E*R", and it looks kinda cool...If the DVD was cheap enough I might buy it just so I can say that I've seen another infamous flop and it they included that pilot then I could say that I've seen yet another failed pilot. Heck, plenty of MUCH bigger flops are on DVD, so why not?

David Rain

May 7, 2005
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Belive me, folks you ain't missing much. I saw every episode of After M*U*S*H and it wasn't very good. They were simply trying to squeeze some life out of the original series, which itself had gone on too long, unfortunately.

Since the Radar spinoff wasn't picked up for series then that gives you an idea of it's quality as well. I'd be shocked to see either of these shows out on DVD unless sales for the complete series box set were absolutely through the roof.


Jan 3, 2007
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I have the series and the pilot W*A*L*T*E*R. There are a handful of pretty good episodes however the majority are quite forgettable. The first season is better than the second as it has more the spirit of the MASH series. One episode in particular which is quite cool deals with everyone keeping Potter out of his office so they can decorate it with items from his office in Korea. His saddle, 'Col. Potter' placard, and many of the pictures he painted (including the nice group picture from the season 10 episode "Picture This") are there. Klinger and Soon-Li have a baby and Mulcahey's hearing is restored. There is one episode where Radar comes back (getting cold feet about getting married but going through with it by episodes end) and there is another with Col. Flagg making an appearance.

When the W*A*L*T*E*R pilot aired (between the first and second season), there was no mention of Radars wife and it turns out to be a goofy footnote. The story of the has Clete Roberts coming back to interview people from the 4077th. They are interviewing Radar and Clete makes mention that they interviewed Hawkeye the week before. The story revolves around a kid stealing Radars wallet which has a picture from the gang in Korea that means a lot to him. Radar puts the kid on the right path. The pilot was directed by Bill Bixby.

The 'downfall' of the series is that in season two, there is an annoying story arc that spans maybe 4/5 episodes where Klinger is on the run. Several of the cast members are changed which destroyed what little chemistry was established in the first season. It is almost as if the network told them to go in a different direction. It wasn't for the better IMO. I think it got axed midway through the 2nd season after performing somewhat well in it's first season (no doubt living off of the original series good graces).

It doesn't have as much meat as say Archie Bunkers Place which, for what it was, was a far superior spin-off IMO. That being said, I would still purchase After MASH if it was ever released.


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Dec 1, 1999
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Tony D.
the second season changed cast members, who was changed?
was it any of the original cast like say klinger or just secondary or new
to afterMASH characters.

I cant remember that far back.

Ethan Riley

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Oct 12, 2005
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Ethan Riley
AfterM*A*S*H is at least as entertaining as, say, Golden Palace or Joey. In fact, the only time a "sequel" series ever really worked, was Frazier. I honestly recall AfterM*A*S*H as one of the dullest, most tired 1/2 hours on television at the time.

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