After 9 Yrs I made up my mind to upgrade.. Now what?

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    I finally bought a new TV after 9 yrs with my RCA 31 inch. I got the Sony 32HS500. I know it isn't the most awesome set out there but it took me 3 months of research on this site and others to nail down what I wanted and what I wanted to pay. My main question is this: Now what? When it arrives what should I do to ensure I have the best set up? What I mean is - I hear about Avia and Video Essentials. I take it that this is key. What exactly are they? I gather they help you calibrate your set but is it easy to do? Do you put in a disk and just adjust controls until test patterns show correctly? Which is better ? Avia or Video Essentials. Do TVs come from the factory all screwed up and require a pro to go inside and make adjustments? I hope not. I can't afford it!

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    Michael Chen

    Track record for the Sony HD tube sets suggest that the units are fairly close OOTB. Colour temp variation from 6500K is usually within 500K which ain't bad.

    Tweaks like red push should be addressed within the service menu and is easy enough to fix.

    The unit may not be perfect, but don't sweat it. It really should be fairly close.

    Now if you are one of those guys that just "gots ta know" that it is as good as it can be ... then that is where the ISF guy comes into play.


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