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AFI Fest at Arclight theater

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Adam_S, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Adam_S

    Adam_S Producer

    Feb 8, 2001
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    I'm curious who all is planning on attending the AFI fest at the Arclight? it starts tonight and runs two and half weeks.
    There are an enormous amount of films to see, all of which sound quite interesting. www.afi.com for a complete list and short description. However, most of the time tickets are ten dollars; so I'll only be seeing Pennebaker's new documentary "Only the Strong Survive"; and either "The Quiet American" or "City of God" the second weekend.
    Here's a breakdown of films showing by category:
    American Directions:
    •Civil Brand
    •Even Hand
    •I’m With Lucy
    •Love Liza
    •Love the Hard Way
    •Safety of Objects
    •The Slaughterhouse Rule
    •West Bank Brooklyn
    Asian New Cinema:
    •Balzac and the little Chinese Seamtress
    •Dark Water
    •The Deserted Valley
    •Iranian Spred
    •Millenium Actress
    •Shaolin Soccer
    •Small Voices
    •To Stay Alive
    •The Way Home
    Documentary Competition:
    •7th Street
    •Anonymously Yours
    •Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary
    •Jimmy Scott: if you only knew
    •Mozambique where film goes
    •Photos to send
    •Prom night in Kansas city
    •The Smith family
    •Unprecendented: the 2000 presidential election
    •A wedding in ramallah
    European Showcase
    •The Cuckoo
    •Divine Intervention
    •The man on the train
    •Morvern callar
    •Sleeping rough
    •Sweet sixteen
    I’ntl Feature Competition:
    •Blissfully Yours
    •Chaos and Desire
    •Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven
    •Hold my Heart
    •Hypnotized and Hysterical (Hairdresser wanted)
    •Max (w/ John Cusack)
    •Shattered Glass
    •Shoujyo-an adolescent
    •This is not a love song
    Latin Cinema Series:
    •About the Living
    •City of God
    •The city of no limits
    •The dancer upstairs
    •Don’t tempt me
    •A lucky day
    •Nothing more
    •Testimony: the maria guardado story
    Made in Germany:
    •Eat Sleep No women
    •Getting my Brother Laid
    •Grill Point
    •Manitou’s shoe
    •A map of the Heart
    •Nowhere in Africa
    •Three loves
    •Vaya con dios
    Special Presentations:
    •Only the Strong Survive (highly recommended)
    •The Quiet American (w/ Michael Caine)
    •Rabbit Proof Fence
    Tribute to Michael Caine:
    •The Cider House Rules
    •Educating Rita
    •Get Carter
    •The Ipcriss File
    •The Italian Job
    Plus there are shorts and gala presentations as well (the festival starts tonight with "Antwone Fischer", fifty dollar ticket though.)
  2. Thi Them

    Thi Them Producer

    Apr 20, 1999
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    Isn't Ararat supposed to be a special presentation or something?

    I'd love to attend but can't. Maybe next year I will.

  3. Adam_S

    Adam_S Producer

    Feb 8, 2001
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    Ararat's a gala presentation which means that it's very expensive, and Ararat is sold out already.


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