AE700, AE900, or Z4

Discussion in 'Displays' started by thomPSDW, Dec 24, 2005.

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    I have read all the reviews and they seem to give the edge to the Z4 over the AE900, but it is really "a soft suggestion". I guess at this point the warranty on the z4 would probably push me to the Sanyo if nothing else. I did see one article stating that the AE900 is better than the Z4 for pixcelation? Can anyone expand on what that will mean on a 120" screen with a 20' viewing distance? Are there any other issues I should consider when making this decision between the two?

    This is my final post on the issue prior to buying. I do have one final question. Are the 900 and Z4 significantly improved enough to justify the $700 difference in price? I am a newbie at projection, but am on a budget. Would the 700 satisfy my needs just as well? Could I tell a significant different between them if I am not a real "hardcore" videophile?

    Thanks for your final input in this matter.
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    I personally chose the 900 but dont think you can go wrong with the Z4 either. Personally, SDE drives me batshit insane, so given the choice between the two, all other things being roughly equal, the 900 was a no brainer to me.

    Was gonna post a link to avsforum, but looks like you have a thread there with some good replies already...


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