advice sought for speaker placement in my basement

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by steve cuss, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I am new to this forum and have done some searching, but thought these questions warranted a new post.

    We moved into a home with a basement that is prewired for surround in the ceiling. (4 locations for the front and rears.) Since my Boston Towers (T930) are too big for our family room, I'd like to use them in the basement for music and fronts for HT. I have a Boston Sat7 Center speaker as well and a cheapo sub that I'll eventually replace.

    My questions are these: I'd like to only use the rear ceiling prewires and possibly install AudioSource 6 1/2" rounds there. The ceiling is 8' tall. Will it be wierd to have mains on the floor (center at ear level) and rears from above and slightly behind? I like the clean look of the ceiling rears (plus it stops my toddler boys from messing with them) but I love the sound of my Boston 930s too much to replace them with ceiling front speakers.

    Also, Since the basement is "floating" - i.e. it has a subfloor suspended above the concrete - I assume a downfiring sub would work fine?

    I have the option of using two receivers - my old Yamaha RV 1105 which is currently on the main floor handling 2 channel stereo, or a newer Yamaha RX v550 that I just picked up on clearance. It is 6.1 channel, and newer, but perhaps less quality for music???

    thanks and best wishes

    Steve Cuss
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