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    Hey all. My dad was a huge audiophile in his day. About 20 years ago he purchased a pair oe Energy studio moniters that we still use today. They are absolutley incredible....amazing bass too. He payed about 1000 for the pair...which is like maybe 4000 today.

    Anyways, we're getting a widescreen TV and a DVD player. This is my delima:

    I can stick with these amzing speakers (I have a small room and these are more than enough power) and the amp (which is very high quality).

    My other option if I find it necessairy is two go with a 5.1 setup. Now do you think it's smart to grab some Energy rears and center channel, or should I just grab a totally new setup. I'm a bit worried the tones might differ because of the age/quality differnece.

    Any opinions/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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    no use guessing, let your ears decide. let us not forget that speakers don't have to be exactly the same to sound the same, or even close enough.
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    If your upgrade path is to 5.1 then I would just get three additional speakers. While best case scenario is to have all the same speakers you wouldn't be doing yourself any good by downgrading the mains to match the center and rears. Rather than spending money replacing perfectly good speakers just put those dollars towards getting better center and rears. As long as the speakers are balanced I'm sure you'll be happy with the result. My fronts and rears are different brands but they blend quite well.

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