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    In my first post I discussed the system I just bought, now I'll ask for assistance on the system that I now have and have been building up for 2 years.

    1. Sony 36" Wega TV

    2. Yamaha HTR-5460 reciever

    3. Sony Tivo unit

    4. Sony DVP-S560D DVD player

    5. Sony SLV-798HF VCR

    5. Sony DirecTV box

    6. Sony CDP-CX235 CD player

    7. Sony SAVA-57 right/left speakers (the ones with the built-in amp, volume control, surround settings, etc.)

    8. Sony Infrared controlled rear speakers

    9. Sony sub

    10. Sony center channel

    11. PS2

    I will attempt to explain how all of this is currently hooked up, but it's a mess.

    The TV is hooked into the "monitor" of the reciever. The DVD, PS2, and CD player are hooked into their perspective places on the reciever. The TivoVCRDirecTV configuration is the real monster. If someone can help with a different config than the one I have, I will be grateful...this system does not perform as it should considering all the power that's connected in it, I am using all "monster" brand cables, and I have been told that because my speakers are plugged into an amp that basicially I'm shorting out something somewhere since the speakers have their own this true?
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    man...that's a lot of stuff!

    how many inputs does your receiver have? i would try to wire everything into the receiver and switch sources from there. but i'm not familiar with satellite or directv, so i don't know how those are wired up.

    if you run out of inputs on your receiver, you'll have to run a combination of audio and/or video to both your receiver and tv. then it'll get kind of tricky. i imagine your 36" tv must have at least 3 inputs?

    it might help some if you list what the problem is with your directv/vcr setup. explain how it's hooked up and what's going on...


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