Advice on Setting up Gigernet , Server and Media player (PS3, Streaming Blueray etc)

Discussion in 'Computers' started by ffactoryxx, Jan 3, 2011.

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    So I am ready to embark on a whole networked media room and want to digitalize all my media for streaming including all my DVD's and Blue Rays ( Reg / 3d)

    I and need help determining what I need and if i need any additional Equipment to what i currently have and how to set it up including Software

    Current Hardware
    - Cat6 in walls all heading to a centralized office
    - Gigernet Router in office plugging connecting all Cat 6 cables.
    - Old PC with 3GB Ram and AMD Athlon 2.3ghz
    - Stand Alone Server with 2 Terabytes Disk Space - 3-4GB Ram - Xenon CPU's
    I have access to all MICROSOFT SOFTWARE including the whole 2010 Suite (Win 7, Server 2010 etc)
    - PS3
    - Xbox 360
    - Mitsubishi 65" DLP 3d

    So basically I want to network my whole entertainment system to a Central Store where I have all my DVD's and Blue Rays Ripped.

    From a Blue Ray Standpoint it looks like .MKV is the best format to rip and wrap to at the moment. Want to have 5.1 or 7.1 included.

    Still deciding on DVD format.

    1. How should I setup my computers and what software / OS should install on each? Do I only need 1 of the computer?

    2. Are the computers powerful enough?

    3. If there a way to play all different formatted media especially Blue Ray and 3d Movies? Will play music as well.

    4. How do I set my Xbox or PS3 up to this as I only have one cable drop...Switch or Splitter?

    5. I saw the PopCorn hour boxes. Do I need one of these? Is there software similar i can run on the PC's that have a cool interface when I switch my TV to the HDMI the Media server will be used on?

    Any questions or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to Home Theater Forum Jeff. You will probably get a better response in our HTPC area, so I will move it there. Please be aware that while we encourage discussion about media centers we don't allow discussions of copying DVDs and Blu-rays to your HDD (even if you own them) as it uses software that breaks the encryption.

    Pay attention to the design of your network. Its best to have your media on a seperate switch or vlan.

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