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    Oct 4, 2000
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    I'm in the market to finally upgrade my 27" TV.

    For $2400 (CAN) I can get:

    1) 36" Sony Wega (not HDTV ready)

    2) 43" Sony RP TV

    For $1400 I can get:

    1) 36" Panasonic TV.

    Those are the 3 choices I've sort of got it down to. I need some suggestions because I don't have a lot of experience with RP TVs.

    My living room has a lot of light coming in as one side of the room is all window.

    I've heard that RP TV's are not great at producing blacks and such and I figure the light might hinder this further. Having a 36" Panasonic TV is great but with the curved screen, I think the glare that my 27" is subject to now will be the same on the 36" if I get it.

    That leads me to the 36" Wega. Having a flatscreen I think will reduce the amount of glare but the trade off of paying $1000 more just for that flat screen is steep.

    Will that light hinder the RP picture quality?

    Do you guys think the advantages of flatscreen are worth $1000 more?

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    Mar 8, 2002
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    Well, I don't think the light washing out the blacks would be a big deal. I have two six+ foot windows on the sides in my living room with no problems for my RPTV. The TV is on the north wall, and the windows are on the east. The only glare I get is from the south window ten feet behind me (the room is about 25' length-wise) because it's directly across from the screen and the TV acts as a mirror. Side windows are no problem, but YMMV depending on where the sun is in relation to what direction your windows face.

    $1000 just for a flat screen? I say thee nay. Of the choices presented, for the money I'd go for the 42" or save some (and have less maintenance worries) and go for the Panasonic.

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