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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Aris A, Apr 22, 2004.

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    humming noise coming out from my speakers. I have setup a dedicated 2 channel system apart from my ht piece by piece. I started with the speakers, the ss amp and finally a tube preamp. I've noticed a very faint hum when it is on which is okay by me since when I turn up the volume the music drowns it. Now I do have a video cd player and when I hooked up the video cable from the player to input of my rptv that faint hum will amplify so loud which is very irritating. I've swapped the vcd player to a dvd player using component cables for video and still the same loud hum is there. Its very irritating specially when I viewing concerts. The problem only occurs when I hooked up the video cable from the source to the rptv other than that the sound is okay.

    I already consulted a friend of mine and even himself is stoked with this. Probably some of you guys might have encountered this same problem...please help me out. I do also have a separate component cables and coax from satellite that is hooked up to the tv which when I unhook it the loud hum would go away...strange. Sorry about the lengthy description.
    Here's my setup:
    ss amp - pass labs x150
    tube preamp - asl aq2004 dt
    speakers - jbl monitors
    interconnects - regular cables
    Thnx for any input.
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    I had this same issue when I plugged the TV from the wall direct to the TV set, my resolution was to plug the cable from the wall to my power/surge protector and from that to my TV and got rid of my ground loop/humming problem.

    I hope this helps


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