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Advice on an upstairs attic/media room (1 Viewer)


Nov 15, 2016
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I have an upstairs attic that has been converted into two rooms...one is a playroom for the kiddo (soon to be kiddos), and the other is a 400-500 square foot media room. I currently have a 100" silver ticket screen and a 1080p Viewsonic projector hooked up to an old Onkyo s3500 5.1 system. I know the Onkyo is a good starter system (I'm actually pretty impressed with it) but I'm ready to upgrade.
I'm thinking of buying an Onkyo 7.1 receiver and hooking it up to Pioneer Andrew Jones Atmos speakers. I'm just wondering if the atmos would be overkill. The other option is a 5.1 receiver with Klipsch speakers. I'm just not sure what to do next and would be grateful for any advice. Price is definitely a factor. The screen and front speakers are about 12' from viewing, and the back speakers are about 6-7' from viewing. Ceilings are probably 7-8' high. I would appreciate any help. I was thinking the next step would be a new receiver, then I could start systematically replacing speakers.
Nov 24, 2016
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Media room? So mostly movies n little music? Bare bones acoustic treatments, I'd at all, on bare walls? Low ceilings? You like klipsch sound??
Tight budget, n improved sound??
If you stayed with klipsch, benefits are high dynamics from cheap passive speakers that are easy on acoustical set up issues to get sounding good in room, solid presence n sound with strong detail n dialogue for solid sounding movies! Also super easy to drive w even modest receivers! A bit bright on trebble but mated to Onkyo or Denon, n ull get good sound n use the Audyssey EQ! Very potent home theater sound on the cheap side fer midfi products. (Even better fidelity with tube amps!)
Downside w horn speakers though is BEAMY sound n off axis rolloff! Basically great fer limited acoustically treated r friendly open rooms, but they only really work sitting directly in front of them!! Mainly works well seated in direct line of aim. Tradeoffs I'm willing to accept fer dedicated seating applications.
A more flexible versatile , yet highly potent fidelity is had from POWERED Def Tech monitor speakers in front n center! Such as CLR2300s! These are more open sounding in large room, eliminate floor to ceiling reflections somewhat when arranged vertically, very clear n uncolored sounding, and offer very strong dynamics also!! This is very potent set up with matching diploes in rear! Mated to good sub also. All here is easy to drive but best with better amplification.
Both these approaches are upgrade paths, n attainable great sound In ur low slung wide open space upstairs. I'd lean towards powered deftechs if I could. More options n versatile

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