Advice needed on RP-91 (and yes I have done a search!)

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    Hey guys,

    I would like everyone's opinion. I have been doing some research, and it seems like this is the player to get right now, especially since it can be had for $425 shipped. I have a 32" Sony XBR400 tv, which can accept a progressive signal. I currently am using a Pioneer Elite DV-05 player, which looks pretty good. Since my tv is only a 32", will I notice a huge improvement in picture? I know if I had a big screen I definitely would, but I am wondering if a 32" would be borderline. Are there any other features on the 91 that would be a benefit on my tv? The audio I am not so worried about, I let the DAC's in my receiver do that. Thanks alot for the advice, I appreciate it!
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    Since you have a 4x3 TV, the zoom/scaling feature of the RP-91 is not needed. The player does provide DVD-Audio, if you are interested.

    You may be better served with one of the less expensive progressive scan players out there -- Panasonic RP-56, Toshiba 4700, Sony N700, etc.

    FYI, I own an RP-91 and love it. However, I also own a 16x9 TV, so the zoom/scaling feature is very important to me.

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