ADVICE: M&K S-150 THX 7 Speaker Setup

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Patrick Zapatka, Mar 25, 2006.

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    I have been eyeing an M&K S-150 THX 7 speaker setup (S-150 L, R, BL, BR, SS-150 SL, SR, and S-150AC) for quite awhile now, and am hoping to get some feedback before pulling the trigger next month.

    I primarily will use them for home theater, and have heard them extensively in a home theater room at a local dealer. They will be matched up with an Onkyo TX-DS989ver2 and an SVS 20-39PCi. They will be replacing an Energy Audissey 7 speaker setup thay can be seen at .

    Is there a reputable on-line dealer that carries them (with full warranty)?

    Is there any other setup I should listen to?

    Thanks for any advice! Cheers,

  2. Arthur S

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    It is pretty difficult to find M&K on-line at a discount. Since you are planning on buying 7 speakers, your dealer should work with you on price.

    One fellow on the forum ended up buying used exactly because distribution of new is so limited and prices almost fixed.

    Also be aware that they might sound noticeably brighter at your house than in a showroom.

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