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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by derrekCM, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I am looking to get a small HT package for a small apartment living room and a 32" LCD. The reciever is a Denon1700 series (?) and I am debating between two packages.

    -Def Tech P60s or
    -Mirage Nanosats

    both are the same price at the place I plan on buying from (I get a discount)

    there is open area to the left and to the right of the couch. The "traffic" in the room mainly walks right infront of the TV screen in between the couch and where the center speaker would go. The distance from the screen to where I would sit is no more than 5' with the couch up against the wall to my back.

    I will primarily be watching TV (sports), a few movies, and playing alot of video games (xbox360).

    I hope that wasn't too hard to follow, please forgive me, this is my first post. Advice on the Nanosats or the P60s would be great. Any feedback at all would really help alot. Thanks
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    Hello Derrek,

    Both are reasonable choices for the price.

    The bottom line with purchases like this is what sounds good to YOU. If possible try to get a proper demo with both systems, preferrably with the type of material you'll be watching mostly. If the type of store (or the discount) doesn't allow that, is there anyone you know who owns one of those brands (and is willing to gve you a listen)?

    Can you audition them at your home (and return 'em if you don't like what you hear)?


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