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    For a while I've been using a set of cheap Sony speakers that my parents handed down to me when they upgraded their whole system. Being a poor college student I can't really afford a high-end (or even mid-range, to be honest) system, but I'd like to get rid of these Sonys since they sound absolutely horrible. I've already upgraded the receiver to a Harman Kardon AVR125 since I needed the coax, optical, and s-video inputs. I wasn't planning on replacing the speakers anytime soon, but...
    ...last week some relatives bought me a pair of Polk R20 bookshelf speakers as a present. I realize these aren't amazing speakers, but the increase in sound quality is unbelievable over the Sonys (I'm using the R20s as my front speakers right now) and now I want to upgrade my whole system. I can't do it all at once, but I'd like some advice on what I should do first. Right now I want to keep the R20s and the AVR125 and I'm thinking of picking up a center channel speaker next and eventually getting some floorstanding speakers for the front channel and using the R20s for surround.
    Does this sound like a good idea? Or should I wait and save for the floorstanding speakers first and get the center speaker last? Any advice on what speakers I should look into to compliment the R20s? And keep in mind that I'm on a pretty limited budget. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds like a great idea. I would defiantly make a center speaker your first addition. After that, i would add a powered subwoofer of some sort, THEN either tower mains, or another pair of the same R20 bookshelf speakers.
    If you listen to mainly home theater material (DVD, TV, Video Games), then you won't gain much by adding floor standing speakers for the mains. Full range floor standing speakers usually only make large improvements in 2 channel music listening without a subwoofer. If you listen to 40-50% music, then the floor standing speakers would be worth it.
    So my 2 recommended upgrade paths would be the following:
    Mainly HT:
    1.) Polk CSI20 Center speaker
    2.) Powered subwoofer of some sort (depends on taste and budget
    3.) Polk R20 (or R15) surrounds
    Mainly Music:
    1.) Polk R50 Mains
    2.) Polk CSI20 Center speaker
    3.) Powered subwoofer of some sort
    Hope this helps [​IMG]

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