Advice before buying a Wega KVXA25M31?

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    I saw this 23" model in a local Sony store and am quite taken with it for the following reasons: multi-system, 16:9 squeeze, and component input - at present, I can only view DVDs through composite, so you can imagine that I was impressed [​IMG]
    However, reading through previous posts on Wegas seems to show that they can be somewhat hit and miss.
    My current Samsung TV suffers from purity/uniformity, raster ringing, width distortion and tilt, and a not so good comb. I ran some Video Essentials test patterns through the Wega specifically to check these.
    Beautiful component image, especially with the 16:9 squeeze.
    Flying colours for raster ringing - none to be seen. Does this also mean that the set has escaped the uneven brightness problem?
    The image is tilted but so very slightly that it is not a big concern. Is there a setting in the service menu for tilt?
    A white test screen does show mild tints of blue and yellow - I have yet to see a screen of this size that doesn't. Can this be corrected?
    (This is the most annoying problem for me with my current set as, even with contrast very low, the tint will intensify in bright white portions of an image and leave an ugly discoloured patch on the screen that persists for a minute or so.)
    With the VE dots pattern, the centre of the screen is fine but there are coloured shadows on the dots nearer the edges and corners. I also noticed that in the left-hand 5 inches, the dots get closer to each other as they near the edge. Newbie question - are these convergence and geometry problems and can they be corrected?
    Final general question. I have noticed in shops that when next to other brand TVs, Wegas look like they have more obvious scan lines. Of course, this is eliminated after stepping back a bit, but is this a true observation and is it something to do with Trinitron?
    If the possible problems above can be corrected, this will be my first TV investment so your advice would be very much appreciated.
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    Nicole P

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    About the blue-ish tints: Yes, this can be corrected with a service menu-based greyscale calibration. As for your other questions--can somebody else chime in?
    I'm pleased with my KV-32FV26--though I'm beginning to think I spent too much on it (and that I should've held out for an ATSC-based display).

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