Adventures with Mark H @ The Audio Shop (speaker review)

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Ok, I was going to wait for some break-in period to even post this but I feel things can only get better so I'll post now.
    I was looking for a sub $500 CDN speaker for my stereo listening (Jazz - Rock). I am using a pair of ASL waves and a ASL pre-amp (CD-player in transition). I currently was using B&W 303's but since I had 3 of them and upgrade bug hit I figured it was a good time to try out some new speakers!
    As a side note (hopefully also to make my review seem somewhat more credible) I just want to list the speakers I currently own.
    4 x Paradigm Studio 40's
    1 x Studio CC
    2 x Paradigm Atoms
    3 x B&W 303's
    I'll try to compare to these as I go along here.
    So after reading all the hype on here about Axioms and the fact that we get a great deal right now here in Canada on them. Having the luxury of being in Ottawa I thought I would go to see Mark H and pick up a pair of M3's! I was practically set on them, but brought my ASL's with me just in case, I wanted to make sure they pushed them nicely.
    The Adventure:
    Mark had a nice pair of M3's on stands all ready for me in a back listening room (in boston cherry), he also brought out a pair of M22's for me to compare at the same time. So we hooked up the ASL's popped in some Diana Krall and I had a seat to listen.
    First Impression:
    NICE! Hay these sound great, I'm almost sold already! So we switched to the M22's. Well not really much difference to write home about to be honest that I could tell. In comparison to my other speakers well they aren't in the same league as the 40's but are close to B&W 303's from what I could gather in the performance from the listening. Hi's Mid's excellent bass was present but not thunderous (hey it's a bookshelf right?). Compared to my Atoms well they were more detailed but I actually find the Atoms to be more bass heavy. To be honest I find the Atoms a tad boomy though, lacking mid almost totally (no offence to owners I hope!).
    So back to my adventures:
    Mark tells me he is going to get another pair of speakers for me to test out (Great!) So in brings in these black boxes... bah a boxy black speaker (hey is that a paradigm Mini Monitor?) NOPE! It's a Dahlquist QX6!
    So we took a listen. EEEGADS! What a difference! This speaker sounds great (I said to Mark).
    Mark explained to me to listen to the sound stage, so I did, yeah he's right it's more detailed than the axioms. So we switched back to check, sure is!
    But the second we switched back I noticed something even more evident. The axiom seemed shrill compared to the Dahlquist, the dahlquist provided a more melow sound (Great highs & mids) but not as shrill or high pitched as the axioms. I liked it!
    Mid's & High's:
    Ok I'd compare the QX6's High & mid-range to be equal to or surpassing the B&W 303's. The Studio 40's (which I haven't listen to as much yet) are hard to compare against but we are probably close to that realm of quality from this little speaker.
    Where's the beef? :
    Or where's the bass? It's a bookshelf they don't have bass right? WRONG! Compared to the Studio 40 It's CLOSE! To the 303's Well pack your bags B&W your not even in the door!
    The QX6 provides a unmuffled deep extension, both in the showroom and in my own home. We played both Diana Krall and Patricia Barber at the shop. When I got home I poped in Casandra Wilson which has some great bass passages. I also put in my trust hotel california cd.
    It is hard to describe in words, but the bass is almost thunderous!
    As Mark pointed out 2 previous customers didn't believe he wasn't hiding a sub-woofer, it is that great!
    It isn't muddy (like the Atoms)it is tight and hard hitting. You can feel the air movement in the room even in my 10 x 30' room with hardwood ( a rather alive room) the bass is incredible, I just have to figure out how to stop the fireplace from vibrating now!
    I will go as far as saying these speakers provide the same satisfying thud as my studio 40's! I'd have to re-evaluate for sure on that one, but it is really impressive.
    What else James?
    Well for fun we hooked up a pair of Axiom M80's! Ok they are out of my price range but I thought it would be fun to see what I was missing (bad mistake). The QX6 is great but not that great! It can't compete with a $2000 speaker. The M80 sounded fantastic. Enough fun, we reconnected the QX6, at first I was now disappointed but only 1 or 2 minutes later I was happy again they provide you with a HUGE soundstage and with pinpoint accuracy.
    The Verdict:
    Just so you know I was VERY skeptical, I really wanted to like the axioms here ,the price was great and they look nice, but the QX6 just blew me out of the water. I went back to the store (After a trip to listen to the Def Tech PM500 (nice sound but too pricy for what it gives you), and picked up the QX6 in black oak (available in light cherry).
    I actually brought my Girlfriend in at lunch and she liked the black more than the light cherry for our decor [​IMG] .
    Disclaimer: No Mark didn't pay me to write this, he didn't even offer me free stuff [​IMG] but I felt pretty damn strong about these speakers. I usually won't pay the first price I'm given either but these speakers are that good! I hope I didn't offend any owners of other speakers I mentioned!
    Thanks for listening.... eerr reading.
    EDIT: Specs on QX6 per the manual...
    87db Sensitivity in free field
    91db in average room
    Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
    Bass Reflex Bookshelf
    25mm Alloy Tweeter & 165mm Woofer
    14.7"H x 7.87" W x 11.42"D
    another note, I think the specs are VERY accurate from my listeninga s far as extension goes!
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    I talked to Marc and while back and was thoroughly impressed with his service. I am entertaining the idea of a second system, and have all the intentions of purchasing the QX6. They come highly recommend by him.

    I also have a set of the 40's with the Atoms as surrounds in my current system! Great speakers.

    How did the light cherry look compared to the Paradigms?
  3. James Bergeron

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Donald: The light cherry is basically the same as the Atoms. It may have been lighter but it's hard to compare since they weren't side by side.
    Edit: Glad I didn't offend anyone, I assume I didn't due to lack of response..... or maybe I offended everyone [​IMG]
  4. Marc H

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    Aug 22, 2001
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    Wow, thanks for the review! And thanks for your business too!
    I just replied to your email too (sorry for the delay - just back from fishing) and yes, I have the big power cord for your pre-amp here. No, I wasn't trying to swipe it [​IMG]
  5. James Bergeron

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    Hey all, just thought I would quickly follow up on this review.

    I have listened to the little QX's a few times over the weekend and have been amazed even more. The soundstage is defintely more full than my previous B&W 303's and the sweet spot is HUGE.

    I actually watched a movie "Captain Correlie's Mandolin" using my Tube setup and just the 2 QX6's. My entire couch was a sweet spot using a phantom centre. It was incredible. I'm almost a convert from centre channel to phantom now! Although My theatre provides more power and dynamics then 2 cpeakers on tubes. It sounds pretty good and still provided a great sound. The mandolin sounded excellent!

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