Advantages/Disadvantages HD DVD/R vs. Tivo ??

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Rajiv:Sharma, Jan 21, 2005.

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    I am looking for Tivo or DVD/R with hard disk so I can program and record programs. Both seem programmable and can record.

    I will appreciate if someone can explain what are advantages/disadvantages of both ?


  2. Robert_J

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    That's where the similarity ends. With most of these DVD recorders with a hard drive, you will set it up like a VCR. Record channel 4 from 8pm to 9pm on Tuesday. If it's more advanced, you can make it record every Tuesday. What if your show moved to Wednesday? You have to change the settings. What if they had a two hour special? You change the timer or miss half of the show.

    Tivo is a completely different concept. You record EVERYTHING and watch it at your convenience. You can set up a timer recording like above but that is so 1980's. I tell it to record Scrubs. Last year Scrubs was in three different time slots. This year they are moving to a new slot next week. I have never had to adjust my scheduling. Tivo knows when it is on and records it. This is called a Season Pass. I have almost 50 of them set up.

    Like a specific actor, director or type of show? Tell Tivo and it will find it and record it. It's that simple. These are called Wish Lists.

    Another option is to let Tivo record on it's own. It will look at your recording history and compare it to others. It will then suggest shows and record them (auto-recording is optional). These are Suggestions.

    This is just the beginning of Tivo features but it is enough for me. I'm a Tivo-holic. I now find it difficult to watch TV without it. I'm constantly trying to rewind to watch a funny scene again or trying to pause the show when the phone rings. Everyone should own a Tivo.

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    I have two DirecTV TiVos and a DVD Recorder with a hard drive. If I had to make a choice, I would choose the TiVo for all the reasons Robert_J listed. In addition, there are issues with the poor implementation of the EPG on some DVD recorders and there may be compatibility issues with digital satellite and digital cable.
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    Tivo hands down.

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