Advantage to stand alone CD player?

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    I am about to buy a DVD player as the first component to my home theater. I was planning on getting a 5 disc changer (sony or panasonic) and using it for both DVD and CD. What is the advantage to getting a separate dedicated CD player compared to using my dvd player as a CD player? What bells and whistles will I miss if I don't get a stand alone CD player? I will have a receiver to connect these to, so sound quality isn't a real issue since they will be piped through the receiver. Thanks!

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    Dan, DVD players offer the essential features one needs to play CDs. It used to be that many carousel DVD changers could only do shuffle play on one disc as opposed to all discs loaded, but this is no longer the case. DVD changers now handle shuffle play like CD changers. In any event, I don't feel you will find current DVD players lacking in terms of CD playback features.

    Soundwise, dedicated CD players are usually better than comparably priced DVD players. I am considering the use of the players' analog outputs, meaning the use of the players' DACs. However, you should note that there can be differences in sound quality among players that are used as transports.

    A DVD changer is great for convenience, but if you at all concerned about such a changer giving you adequate CD sound, you might want to try a dedicated CD player. You would have to see if you could hear the difference between players functioning as transports in your system.
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    Here's another thought about dedicated CD changer.
    I own a low-end Toshiba DVD changer, and find it excruciatingly slow at loading/skipping discs compared to my old/dying Sony ES CD changer (from circa 1990!). IF you really want a changer, I suggest making sure that your choice can do acceptably well at this. Otherwise, you might find the changer aspect totally useless.
    At this point, I think I'll give up on the idea of a DVD changer and get the best single-disc player I can afford--too bad they don't make fast switching 2-disc players like the old Toshiba's anymore. I never really found too much use out of the changer aspect anyway since I never do random play and rarely have time to listen to a full opera at home anymore. It was just a novelty back in 1990. [​IMG] For me, the most useful thing about a changer was merely being able to leave 5 of my recent favorite discs in the player so I don't have to do the extra work to switch discs all the time. [​IMG] Talk about lazy! [​IMG]

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