ADS HDTV Upconverter II HDUP 1500 :)

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    Apr 14, 2005
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    I have been looking for an affordable solution to the $1200 iscans and I have found it! This thing is amazing and I got it for under $300! On a budget? This is the deal.

    Well I have been playing with it for hours (got it yesterday). I have my xbox, Sony DVD, LD player , Dreamcast all tweaked at 1080i and the image quality is quite improved. I have not really noticed andy MB or WC and BTB still passed with DVE on my Sony. You have video controls for each setting and it is much easier to use than some had said. I just tried a new thing ...I split my cable signal coming out of the wall to my HD DVD cable box and the ADS. I wanted to A/B my analog cable channels. So watching analog through the HD box via component to the TV vs. the straight signal off the wall into the tuner/scaler of the ADS. So I could A/B CBS both ways. Going through the ADS yielded a much better picture vs. my cable box. I never thought about a straight RG6 into my set that way but if it gives me a better image on my non-hd stations it is well worth it. I NEVER even thought about this when I bought it so it has been a treat. Halo 2 looks amazing and even my dreamcast is sharper than ever. Next I will play with my VHS StarWars set!
    Most web sites sell this device for around $300 & the cheapest I found it from a good vendor with good policies (avoid the dvd-gear knock off sites..5 mirrors with different names?) I went with They have always gave me excellent service. I also noticed some on Ebay going for good prices like new.

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