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Adjusting the 'DMA' to get a game to work? (1 Viewer)

Rob FM

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Jan 15, 2001
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Hi guys, I was attempting to load the OLD Original Command & Conquer on my new Windows ME machine.....had no luck, wanted me to shut down windows and load directly from DOS. Nothing would work.
...Anyway, off the website they suggested that I change the properties of my DVD/CD-rom drive. If the DMA box was checked, uncheck it...and if it was unchecked, then check it.
Well, I unchecked the DMA option and it worked! But, what I done? DMA is Direct Memory Acess, right? Will this affect other programs? Should I put it back to the original configuration since it's installed now?

tyler O

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Oct 25, 2000
Mostly, DMA will affect performance in DVD playback. You may even get warnings depending on if you use a Software renderer or not. It helps keep the playback smooth and buffered properly. If you notice that there is a detrimental effect on using any of your discs, you may want to bite the bullet and try to stop using that game. (I personally am still with 98se because of all the legacy stuff I like to use) There have been many documented instances of normal CD-ROM usage and even audio CD playback to be affected when DMA is turned off, and not for the better. Basically, you probably won't notice much of anything, but you may run into some issues. I would try re-enabling it and see how the game runs from there. If it doesn't you may have a choice to make. However, [standard bullshit legal disclaimer]you could always do a full install and patch the game if you really wanted to.[/standard bullshit legal disclaimer]

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