Adire XBL2 Technology: Who Understands It and How Good Is It?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Arthur S, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Adire Audio has come up with a new (subwoofer) motor technology that seems to approach state-of-the-art. Inexpensive, and apparently capable of extremely fine performance.

    You can read about it here

    Those of you who have followed my posts may be able to guess which new subwoofer incorporates this technology.

    Just how good is this driver going to be?
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    Welcome to 2002. The Adire Brahma drivers have it. The Adire Koda drivers have it. The Adire Sadhara sub had an XBL^2 driver in it. The Resonant Engineering XXX series drivers had it. All of Ascendant Audio's old drivers had it. The new Exodus audio subs will have it. I alomost bought some mid's from Adire that have it. According to Dan W., a lot of other companies use XBL^2 for their speakers (not just subs) but he's under non-disclosure agreements.

    Again, according to Dan, XBL^2 is not a cure all for subs. You still need to know the trade-offs when designing a driver. There's some great technical discussion over at Adire's forum on SIN.


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