adire ravas vs commercial brands?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by canali, Mar 19, 2004.

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    my room is 13 wide x 35 deep and i have a pretty good setup
    --unico hybrd tube/ss integrated amp by unison research
    in italy.
    --devore fidelity gibbon 8 (ported) speakers
    --sony 999es dvd/sacd player.

    i listen to alot of good music (sacds) and rock dvds
    (styx, rush) and about 40% of HT.

    For $700 I can get a pair of the ravas vs the cost
    of the svs 20-39pc+ (single) or HSU vtf-3.

    ...i was also considering a used REL storm III.

    You know how it is: when you see a cheap price (ravas)
    you think cheap sound quality, but the few reports I have
    come across on the ravas is pretty remarkable.

    any thoughts?

  2. Wayne Ernst

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    Yes, a few.

    1) The Rava is cheap because it's sold on the Internet and not in some local audio store. However, if it were sold at a local audio store, what would be the price tag? $1,000? $1,100?, $1,200? If it were to be sold at the retail level, "middle men" would get the price of the Rava up there quite quickly.

    2) The Rava uses the very popular Shiva driver. This is a very capapble driver. The Shiva is also a very good driver and worth every cent.

    I think the Rava would make a nice purchases. Plus, if you were to hold onto it for a few short years, I'm sure you'd be able to sell it for a good price. But, I suspect that you'd be quite happy with the sound and make it a permanent part of you music/home theater area.

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