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Aug 15, 2002
I have lived with an Adire Audio Rava ( http://www.adireaudio.com/TextPages/...eFrameText.htm ), first in a large apartment for 3 months, now in a small living room in a new home for 1 month. In the apartment, I had the Rava crossed over @ 50hz, 3rd order high and low pass (using a paradigm x-30 crossover). In the new house, my power amp died, so I am forced to use the internal crossover in the reciever (100hz, not sure of slopes, yuck). In both cases the sound has been great, but in particular crossed at 50hz to near-fullrange mains, the sound quality was outstanding. Crossed at 100hz, the bass is more 'impressive' and 'in your face', but less accurate on music. Both are enjoyable, I much preferred it crossed @ 50hz, but most of my friends (non-audiophile) prefer the aggressive bass stance when crossed at 100hz.

I don't listen incredibly loud, but I have not hit its limits yet. A few times I have been alarmed and concerned at how loud it was, and turned it down - but it was never bottomed out or anything like that, I just got worried thinking 'no way can I NOT damage it at this level'.

The sound quality is amazing, especially with well recorded music, and my main concern about it (from reading online reviews etc.) - the 'limited' maximum output, has turned out to be a complete non-issue for me. Maybe I just listen at lower levels than most?

I can't imagine the kinds of volume levels others must listen at to need 4 or 8 times this much bass... maybe EQ'ed flat it would run out of steam easier, but until I get a BFD or other similar EQ system, the Rava is everything I could have wanted and more. However keep in mind I've never heard an SVS, HSU or any other 'monster' subs - maybe if I had I'd be less satisfied with the sub-25hz extension, perhaps ignorance is bliss in that sense :) I certainly can't imagine many people feeling the need for more impact from 25-100hz, unless they are in a very big room.

I hope this is helpful to someone looking @ the $400 sub market, I had a hard time finding non-theoretical, real world impressions of the Rava when I was looking. FWIW I've never looked back, and unless something changes, my sub section is now at the far back of my 'to-upgrade' list :D

One final note, I live in Canada, and the shippers really did a number on my Rava, there was some superficial and a small amount of structural damage during shipping, even though the Rava came double boxed and very securely at that. I swear UPS and USPS must throw these things off the plane onto concrete or something. The folks at Adire (and CreativeSoundSolutions, who I ordered from but have since stopped carrying the Rava) were very nice to deal with and very understanding/accommodating in this situation.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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