Adire Audio Dharman or Rava?

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    Jan 20, 2001
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    I have a 11 x 14 x 9 room and am considering one of two Adire Audio subs namely the Dharman and the Rava. I am interested in low level information more than total loudness. I am also looking at the SVS 25-31cs and 2039cs as well. Infact, they look mighty attractive in a variety of schemes. The Adire Audio products are attractive price wise as well as looks and may fit my room design better than the tube design offered by SVS but in the name of correct bass performance, I will make adjustments. I am mostly interested in using the sub for movies and bottom feeder performance.
    What if it gets no better than this!?!
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    Jan 1, 1998
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    Darren, if you are after mainly movies and the lowest frequencies then I would recommend the Dharman. It will put out more spl over the Rava and remain stronger on the lower frequencies because of its ported design.
    Hope this helps a bit.
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