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Discussion in 'Displays' started by LouAR, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Hi All,
    While I am new to HTF but I’m not completely an HT newbie. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post but all seems relevant to my questions.

    My system:
    Sony Wega 36”
    Onkio w/DTS receiver
    Bose Accoustimass 10
    Toshiba SD-4700 DVD
    Monster 3 cables w/optical audio and component V. on DVD

    Considering adding a DLP projector and screen for my DVD collection (to enjoy a large picture). Here in the middle of AZ, there is only one HT store selling only very high end equipment and charging $150/hr for consulting. So, I came here hoping for a bit of advice.

    Still on a budget, I am considering a lower end projector. CNET points to Mitsubishi XD50U and Dell 3200 MP (both 1024 x 768). Recent postings here seem to favor the March arrival of Infocus 4805. Preliminary screen research indicates Da-Lite screens can be purchased under $400 for a manual or about $750 electric (52x92).

    I have a place to hang the screen and if I do this, will only pull out the projector for viewing (not perm. install) and adding a secondary s-video cable to the DVD player. Projector throw approx 14.5 feet.

    1) Without being able to go anywhere to see projectors side by side is there any way to evaluate anticipated picture quality? Anticipating nighttime use only, I am not concerned about ambient light. The local HT store’s proj’s start at $5000 so I have no idea what to expect from units priced around $1,600.
    2) These projectors claim “adjustable picture size” how do I determine optimal throw distance as compared with what to expect from my anticipated 14.5 foot throw?
    3) Both projectors claim “Keystone” control at 16 degrees +/-. Is this only vertical or does this mean horizontal too? How can I determine the effect if I am beyond 16 degrees? For example: Screen will be approx. 45” tall with bottom edge 45” from floor. If projector lens is 30” from floor how much distortion can I expect? Alternatively, I could place the projector in another location 48” from floor and 20 foot throw but the projector would be off center of screen (nearing the right edge - too much horizontal keystone?)
    4) Screens: tensioned screens are double if not triple price of non-tensioned. How necessary is the “tensioned” feature? Or should I ask: how much picture distortion should I expect if I go cheap and skip the tensioned feature?
    5) What questions should I ask that I have not?

    If I do not go this route, I may get a bigger TV. I’m a bit stumped because the rear proj CRT’s are affordable but they take up loads of space (huge foot-prints) and suffer reduced view angle - While the DLP’s are still too pricy and CNET claims the picture quality is not as good as CRT’s. Any thoughts here are also very welcome!

    Thanks in advance! I know I am asking many questions and I hope I am in the right forum area (if not, please direct me to the correct area and I will re-post).
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    The Infocus 4802 looks to be a good choice. I have the X1 and I love it. The improvements to the X1 the 4802 makes would make me love it more.

    As far as picture quality and what projectors are good I would just check out all the talk about the various popular projectors over at (AVS Forum (there is a lot of info there).

    You generally don't want to use keystone correction unless you really have to. Check out the projector calculator over at for distances and screen sizes for various projectors (and reviews and other useful info).

    I have a non-tensioned DaLite Model B pulldown screen. I not had any problems with it so far (had it since July). The picture is not distorted in any way. If you can afford it get tensioned but if you can't I wouldn't worry about it. I got the High Power screen material because supposedly if the screen does get a bit wavy it will show up a lot less with this material.

    If your room will allow it, you will most likely be much happier with a FP over a RPTV.

    One thing you will want to consider is if you want a native 16x9 or 4x3 projector/screen (I have a 4x3 proj and a 16x9 screen FWIW). Also instead of s-video you should probably try to get a progressive scan dvd player and use component cables.
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    Thanks for the feedback and I will certainly check those referal sites.

    Keystone is one of my biggest concerns. My room layout really only permits the two mentioned locations for the projector. Either would entail an off-center projection and it is this issue which has kept me form buying so far. Until I can get a better handle on the issue, I will wait and continue to consider a wide screen tv.

    The only other possiblitiy I can imagine for centering the projector is if a projector can sit atop a tripod. I do not know - is this possible? I am also a bit concerned about projector noise. Any location (including tripod - if plausible) would have the projector within ten feet or less of the primary seating area.

    My DVD player does have component video connections but they are currently connected to the television. I could easily change that. I have read that some of the projectors and wide screen TVs have difficulty with the 480i progressive scan players and some even recommend turning that feature off.

    Thanks again for your reply. I am thrilled that so many have already viewed my post and only hope others have something to contribute to the thread (not only for my benefit but also for all those reading the thread).


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