Adding an RP91 to My HT/Audio Setup

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Lin Park, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. Lin Park

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    I'm looking at adding this wonderful unit into my setup and had some questions about the audio hook-up. I currently use a QuickSilver Line Stage for the audio listening and a Denon AVR-2700 for the HT listening. The QuickSilver has an HT bypass so that I share the main speakers in both configurations. My question is this - could I use the RP-91 to feed the multi-channel music into the Denon and the stereo music into the QuickSilver (are there separate outputs on the RP-91 for this)? Also, I'm assuming there is nothing to worry about from a tonal bypass standpoint on the QuickSilver (because there are no tonal controls) but how will this work with my Denon? There is a 6 Ch. Ext. In selection but I am not sure if it is Direct Mode.

    Hopefully, RicP or KeithH will chime in here as I think they have had quite a bit of experience at mating HT and high-end audio.


  2. Chip E

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    Hey Lin,

    I recently picked up an RP-91 for a secondary rig and you can hook it up the way you want. (multi+ 2 channel out and or coax or TosLink out)

    Nice player... The only thing i'm not too pleased with is when changing chapters playing a movie it doesn't display that chapter on-screen. My Sony 9K has the Panny RP-91 beat as far as menu intuitivity(is that a word?, lol...)
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    The RP-91 has the following audio outputs: digital coaxial, digital optical, two-channel analog and 5.1 channel analog. All outputs are active at all times, so you should be able to route different connections to each of your pre/pros.

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