Adding an Amp to my HT...Too much power? Need some advice.

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    My near- future upgrade plans for my HT involve adding an amp for the pre-outs:
    (Fr L/Fr R/Ctr) on my Denon AVR-882 (5.1 system w/ 80w X 5). I am using PSB speakers (5T’s front, 2B’s rear, 9C center). I want to be in position to add a Pre-Pro in the future for the 5.1 system.

    My plan was to get a Marantz MM9000 (150w x 5). I can pick this up for $750.

    I plan on “Y” splitting the front left and right pre-outs and sending them to channels 1,2/ 3,4 of the amp, sending these to the top and bottom posts of the PSB 5T’s (kind of a bi-amping arrangement). I can then use channel 5 on the amp for the center speaker. This will leave only the 2 rear speakers for the receiver to power. I realize this will remove most of the drain on the receiver amp, but my question is:

    Will this be difficult to balance with the rears?
    Is this “over-kill” with trying to get cleaner sound at reference levels?

    My AV consultant/ friend hasn’t said this could be a problem but I guess I’m just a little “anal” when it comes to covering all my bases on my HT system.

    BTW, you can check out my system and HT along with my story on entry into this addiction of HT at
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    Willie, I'd say you are on your way to seperates. You are off to an excellent start. You should have no problem balancing everything. Don't put the y-splitter at the preamp, put it at the amp (saving a RCA interconnect for each speaker). So what you need is a splitter with one female end and 2 male ends (VS using the one male end with 2 female ends at the preamp).

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