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Adding a new/old DSS receiver (1 Viewer)

Anthony Stephan

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Mar 6, 2000
After replacing my old DSS receiver with an RCA DTC-100, I decided to hook the old one up again.
The old one is an RCA DRD515.
But when I hook it up, I don't get any satelite signal at all.
I thought that the DTC-100 would still be on the old Sat.
Do I have to get on the roof and tune in the newly installed receiver?
If so, how will it affect the DTC-100? It took a while to dial it in and I don't want to screw it up.


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Aug 1, 1997
In order to have two receivers hooked up at once, you need to have a dual LNB dish and hook one up to the first LNB and the other up to the other LNB. The reason for this is that some transponders are on one phase and the rest on the other. An LNB can only be on one phase at a time. If you scan around, you might notice that you can get a some channels on both dishes, but not all.

Additionally, you will need to have both receivers registered with DirecTV. The second receiver costs a few extra bucks a month. Until you register it, you'll only be able to receive the promo channels on the second receiver. (It could be that the promo channels are on the opposite phase as the first receiver - that could be why you don't see anything on the second receiver.)

Note - once you have a dual LNB, you can actually hook up more than two receivers with the aid of a distribution box. You hook both LNBs up to the box and the box sends the requested phase to the each receiver. For example, I have a dual tuner DirectTivo downstairs and a Sony single receiver upstairs.


Anthony Stephan

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 6, 2000
I have an oval dish so I can get both sats.
It has a the four-gang box to distribute the signals.
I was looking to only get the promo channels!
If I was to get the promo channels, I'd be very happy and sign up the second box!

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